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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom coming exclusively to AT&T November 8

GALAXY S4 zoom (8)

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is quite a strange device that Samsung took a risk releasing. It’s a mid-to-low-end device merged with a point and shoot camera, zoom lens and all. Featuring a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display with a 960×540 qHD resolution, a 1.5GHz dual core, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and a 2,330 mAh battery, it’s nowhere near cutting edge. But the 16MP BSI sensor with a 10x optical zoom lens, optical image stabilization, and a real xenon flash makes for a great camera, at least on paper.

This device is definitely not for those of us who like high end phones. I’d be hard pressed to call this phone mid range. It won’t win any speed competitions, but for some people, it will do. However, the camera should make up for it. If you’re a person who doesn’t care about raw performance or specs but wants to stop carrying around a point and shoot camera, this may just be the device for you.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom won’t be cheap though. When it comes exclusively to AT&T, it will cost $199.99 on contract, the same as a Galaxy S4. However, AT&T softens the blow by offering a free Galaxy Tab 3 with your purchase (though you’ll have to sign a second contract). We can’t imagine this device selling well, purely because it only appeals to a small group of people, but it’s good to see strange devices like this coming to the United States. Would you ever consider this device for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Source: AT&T, Samsung
Via: Android Police

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  • CeeV96

    I want one…NOW :o

    • Jeff

      Everyone is so “meh” about this phone. Although I always carry the latest Apple products, I also carried a normal Galaxy S4, and got the Zoom (unlocked) because of the camera. Quite frankly, aside front he smaller screen, it still is an Android phone, and exhibits the same sort of clunky UI that even the S4 also had (albeit much improved from 4.0 and 4.1). It may have much lower specs, but the user experience, barring game playing, is still 80-85% of the S4. I personally think its a phenomenal phone, because of the camera.



  • ihatefanboys

    Exclusivity has to end. Its ridiculous that only people on AT&T would have access to this.

    • donger


  • Bart

    Looks like you’ve taken a liking to a new word, “strange.” But this time I agree. If I wanted to carry around a bulky zoom camera, I’d carry my DSLR. Even this past weekend in Half Moon Bay with my wife for our 41st anniv., I didn’t take out my DSLR even once. (But then, I’ve already extensively photo’d the area with my real camera.) I did take a great pic in Memorial Park (off Pescadero Rd in Loma Mar). Can’t figure how to share something my G+ acct here.

  • Ruusa

    I’m very excited about this phone/Camera, in fact i get mine today :)
    Yes the specs are not all that but i love taking pictures, not so much so that i would go out into the world and buy a proper dslr though because that would be a waste as im not a professional photographer and i wouldnt use it to its potential, I’m just a snap happy girl that likes to take pictures, and being able to install my picture apps like instagram is just going to be so much fun. This is most def a phone/camera for me.
    -Love from Namibia (South west of Africa) RAW! lol <3

  • Prada

    I got one..nice but I dont like the design

  • Grizzly123

    Just started Samsung galaxy s4 zoom group on Google+ please come and join thanks folk