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Samsung service centers have access to Note II 4.3 update, may roll out soon


Samsung has been decently quick with the Android 4.3 rollout to their current and previous flagships. The Galaxy S4 is already getting the update in many places, with the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II scheduled to get them within the next two months, along with a few other phones. With the Galaxy Gear only being compatible with the Note 3, and the Android 4.3 update bringing compatibility to older phones, Samsung has a good reason to get these updates out. More supported devices equates to more Galaxy Gear sales.

Last years giant flagship, the Galaxy Note II, has had no sign of an update coming aside from the schedule leaked a while ago. And while the device isn’t yet updated, it may be soon. It’s being reported that Samsung service centers have access to a build of Android 4.3, build N7100XXUEMJ9, that they can install on devices that they get. Someone already had their device updated at a service center.

Considering that this update is done and ready for release, we may be seeing an OTA very soon. Hopefully it’ll come earlier than expected, because Note II users have been stuck on 4.1 for quite a long time and deserve a nice, new version of Android. Plus, the new S Pen features from the Note 3 would be a fantastic addition. Do you own a Note II? Are you excited for this update? Leave a comment!

Source: SamMobile

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  • Clint Gamache

    Finally! Been stuck on 4.1.2 FOREVER

    • btsnyder

      Galaxy S4 update 4.3 pisses me off. The quick setting mobile data button is removed with gs4 update 4.3. Now instead of simply swiping down to access the Mobile Data button to enable and disable it to conserve battery life, you have to open up setting and find it every time. Ridiculous

      • iagree

        I agree 100%, do you think the carriers pushed to have this button removed, so that we’d just leave mobile data on all the time and rack up additional data charges?

  • Dude Al

    as a galaxy 3 owner i think its ridiculous we have to wait for TWO MONTHS more. Thx samsung

    • Marcelo Lopez

      What’re you complaining about, Dude……GNote 3′s are going to get KitKat(4.4), while us GNoter’s are going to stay on 4.3, so what’s the complaint again?

      • Thomas Sorensen

        Seriously? I don’t care if you’re stuck on 4.3, I have an S3 that is going to continue being on 4.1 until mid-January of 2014 when 4.4 has already been released.
        That’s the problem. You are already two versions ahead of S3 users, why would I feel bad for a Noter?

  • SGB101

    Been on 4.3 for ages, cm10.2.

    It’s not a big deal really between point 2 and 3, it’s the 4 we want.

    Shame I like the blue :o(

    • Scotsman

      4.2 added a huge feature for me. The ability to use the camera from the pin protected lock screen without having to unlock the phone. With stock only being at 4.1, this meant going to CM or another Rom maker that had a 4.2+ image… In most cases this meant loosing a lot of he sPen functionality. I am thus looking forward to Sammy releasing stock 4.3

      • SGB101

        Pen still works, you just lose s-notes. It wasn’t a big deal for me, I didn’t use the pen to take notes, I got the phone for battery life, and large screen. It was the only choice in 2012.

        This phone was a great choice, 13 months on still nothing really pulling me away from it, cm keeps it fresh.

  • Marvin Avilla

    If the updates works for the samsung gear I hope it comes soon.

  • DroidSamurai

    Samsung users should wish that every new gadget from Samsung from now on will require the next Android OS update — this will be the best motivation for Samsung to update its phones.

  • Wanqi

    What about Note 2 N7105?

  • Scott

    I am very upset that it had taken this long for Samsung to bring this out. Glad to see it is coming, but for be being a note 2 owner, I believe I have waited way too long. I could have rooted and thrown on a stock ROM but doing that took away the spen and I didn’t like that.

    Now knowing it will be coming out soon, it will take the carriers a few months for it will roll out

  • annum

    Their is absolutely no evidence that 4.3 is coming to the note 2 anytime soon. The service centre rumour is just that a rumour. Samsung made the same noises in the summer that its making now, only to cancel the 4.2 update back then. I fully expect in the first week of december news to arrive that touchwiz has killed the 4.3 update for the note 2.

    • Steve Snyder

      Saw this a few days back:
      Samsung fans looking for some concrete news surrounding the Android 4.3 update just got their first look at when this update might happen on the Magenta network. A leaked document provided to Droid-Life indicates tentative dates for the Galaxy Note II, S III, and S4. The release of Android 4.3 will also add compatibility with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The update will also add OpenGL 3.0 support, a faster TouchWiz launcher, improved RAM management, a reading mode and improved camera firmware. Last but not least are more software enhancements including Samsung KNOX, Smart Switch, HomeSync, and GroupPlay2.5. While the the image itself is awesome, I still feel compelled to point out the obvious statement that these dates are “subject to change” so don’t put this on your calendar using a sharpie that won’t erase. Let’s just hope Samsung doesn’t fall down the same rabbit hole as HTC and push the update back a few times before launch, eh Samsung?

      Samsung Galaxy Note II: 12/2
      Samsung Galaxy S III(LTE): 11/25
      Samsung Galaxy S4(LTE): 11/18

  • anand

    Is it possible to update android 4.0 or later from android 2.3.6 Ginger bread for galaxy ace plus gt s 7500

    • SGB101

      Have a look on cyanogenmod site, see if your device is supported. Failing that check on forums, in sure there will be newer roms out and about.

  • sudi

    It’s been too long wait for android 4.3 updates rather it would be better to provide 4.4 updates for the note 2 user with gear supports as a consulation.

  • Nishant Mehta

    Some news that there are updates available in service centers .. but its not true. i have called 3 centers including the on samsung’s toll free call center and all said that they till not having the 4.3 updates for NOTE 2 and they are not aware that when the updates will OTA or from service centers.


    • lolo

      Samsung wouldn’t tell you even if they did know the update was being released that day.

  • Michelangelo Gräser

    I just want the New camera modes that are in the S4. I’ll take any new features as well.

  • Michelangelo Gräser

    I just want the S4 camera modes. I’ll take any new features as well..I’m on clean rom 5.0

  • Thomas Sorensen

    “Samsung has been decently quick with their Android 4.3 rollout”

    Aaaaand you lost me. They have been anything but! They got 4.3 from Google months ago, if they weren’t wasting time adding their useless bloatware & modifications like the barely functional S-Voice my GS3 wouldn’t still be on Android 4.1.

  • donger

    About time.

  • Nelson Mejia

    Almost there guys finally going to get 4.3 officially. I’ve been running CyanogenMod 4.3 nightly t0lteatt builds for some time now. Can’t wait to go back to official Samsung 4.3 full support with S Pen and all. Nothing against CMod but official is better because I actually like alot of the TouchWiz features and customizations.

  • sweet

    looking forward to this u[date

  • junebugg

    Yes I am

  • Warren

    Next time I may buy a Sony phablet..hope they upgrade the os in time..

  • doran

    I think this update is a joke. A product that everyone talks about that doesnt exsist. Really all this technology and no specific dates. I am to the point of who freakin cares. 4.3 should have been out. Long ago.