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Samsung starting rollout of Android 4.3 to international Galaxy Note II

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Samsung Galaxy Note II users have had to be quite patient. The device was launched with Android 4.1 over a year ago and hasn’t been updated since. With the release of Android 4.2, Samsung planned an update. But with the subsequent release of Android 4.3, Samsung stated that it will skip 4.2 and update the Galaxy Note II directly to 4.3.

Not getting a major update for over a year is hard enough, but while Samsung has been making the 4.3 update, Android 4.4 has officially launched and come to some Nexus devices. Android updates come out fast, and Samsung has been a bit slow with keeping older devices updated. Though Samsung has been slower than HTC to keep their flagship updated, HTC has not even spoken about when its older devices will be updated, so Samsung has that going for them.

Now, the Android 4.3 update is rolling out to international Galaxy Note IIs. It won’t instantly come to everyone, so be a little patient. And if the leaked schedule is correct, the US models should be seeing updates very soon. AT&T and Sprint models should get them tomorrow, the Verizon model on November 29 and T-Mobile December 2. These schedules are often wrong by a small period of time, so don’t take them to heart.

It’s great to see Samsung supporting older devices, whereas other manufacturers often abandon them. That’s a reason to like Samsung: your old high-end devices won’t be abandoned so easily. Are you rocking an international Galaxy Note II? If so, have you received the update? Or are you using a US variant and waiting? Leave a comment!

Source: Android Police

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  • Keston Richards

    About time!

  • hmmm

    Still a little scared to update my phone after what happened to the s3 and s4 but let’s do it

  • Kyle McNamara

    Curious to see when the Canadian version will update. Hope very soon

  • Sourav

    Just received the update yesterday on my note 2. Not as great as I thought would be but we are getting there.

  • Conrad Vivo

    How about here in UAE, when we will receive the update?

    • Mohsin

      hey did u get the update??

  • Pravas

    Hmm I like the way companies are rolling out Kitkat. Makes me wanna buy a flagship as they are always first in line.

    • donger

      Nexus 5!


    I got 4.3 update OTA yesterday on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 international version (Non LTE) in India. So far, looks good. No glitches, phone is FAST & new features like Sound & shot in Camera, new contacts, calendar are good.

    No new S-PEN features though.


      Hi madhu could you plz tell me where to to get international model of samsung galaxy note 2 in INDIA…

  • ibrahim doÄŸrusöz

    Waitibg for turkish release. An article about topic in turkish can be found here also:

  • junebugg

    Waiting ever so patiently

  • Wallner

    Warten in österreich noch immer auf das abdate android 4.3 für das samsung galaxy note 2. Leider läst sich samsung sehr viel zeit damit. Habe mir das samsung offen gekauft kostet sehr viel geld samsung läst die kunden einfach im regen stehen. Da überlegt mann kein samsung mehr zu kaufen. Die gehört gezetzlich geregelt für denn konsumenten das samsung so schnell wie möglich auktualiesiert.

  • Faisal

    Still no 4.3 for emirates note 2

  • K

    I got my Note 2 from the UAE. My brother bought his in the PH. He’s already updating his phone. I’ve been checking for software updates but there aren’t any. How come? :(

  • Ankit Gupta

    When will UAE receive the new 4.3 update?

    Please let us know about the UAE update.

  • Asmaa Alhammadi

    I’m from UAE but I havent got the update
    When I will get it ?

  • Ankit Gupta

    I am eagerly waiting for the new 4.3 update. Will it come this year or not? I have been through many sites and the new update has been launched in many countries. When will UAE get the new update? It disappoints me when i see other countries getting the 4.3 update for note 2.
    Please tell us when are you launching the new update?

  • rishad

    I too have UAE note 2. When it will get update? I will never buy UAE made phones again.

  • Ankit Gupta

    i got the new 4.3 update for UAE phone.

    thank you SAMSUNG.

    • Brij

      How did yu??

      • shah

        if the phone is purchased in use….then for sure he has to wait…if he tries to use some other country’s firmware it will definitely be bugged. for sure he hasn’t updated. there is still time and probably use’s turn will take some time.

    • vndrlla

      Ankit how did you get the update for your mobile could you please explain. Thank you

  • shah

    sorry guys…


  • Abdulkhadir Kimaro

    Too much waiting for update, plan to switch to another brand.

  • vndrlla

    Guys who has idea when uae will get the new update release. I’m also fed up waiting really

  • Sean

    I have not gotten an update for my UAE phone yet either? Has it come out yet? I have a Galaxy gear I cannot use?

  • vmdrlla

    Ankit indirjit tell me how did you get the official update please

  • vmdrlla

    Ankit indirjit tell me how did you get the official update please ok

  • syed anas quadri

    i have international samsung galaxy note 2 ..but i dont have update ..i have only 4.1 since 1 year what can i do ?