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Sprint, Best Buy offer free line for a year to students, unlimited everything but data


Wireless plans aren’t cheap. When you’re a student, you can’t always easily afford them. Whether you’re paying crazy college tuition or are jobless in the cruel middle school period, a phone and a plan are not easy to come by. Surprisingly, Sprint and Best Buy have come to the rescue.

Sprint and Best Buy have a limited time offer of a free line with unlimited talk, unlimited text and 1GB of data for an entire year. This applies to every student from college all the way to elementary school, if the parents would like to add their child to the family plan.

If you want unlimited data, it’ll cost you $10 a month. And there’s also the option of completely cutting out data, saving you $50 a month. All you need to do is purchase a device from Best Buy and activate it before January 4 on the My Way Student Promotion. Then the account holder (AKA parent) will have to approve it within 14 days.

It’s awesome that Sprint is offering these free plans to students. If you’re interested, hit the source link to see more information about how to apply. Tell us if you take advantage of this deal!

Via: Engadget

Source: Sprint

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  • Jimmie

    It seems good, until you see that you have to pay for the unsubsidized price of the phone. So, most students won’t be able to afford any highend phones, or possibly even mid range phones, as the S4 mini is $450.

    • NasLAU

      Maybe the Nexus of available.

    • scubabum

      Agree. Here’s a line from their program: “Purchase a phone at Best Buy at the student activation price”. Can’t tell if that is the subsidized price.

      There are some pros and cons:

      Pros: this beats Virgin Mobile $35 plan. For $10/month, you have unlimited data and talk for a year.

      Cons: Sprint. Sprint. Sprint.

      • donger

        LOL @ that con.

  • SGB101

    Something like that would save me a fair few £ per month, I have 3 teens. Could get them all a moto g

  • RKSoni

    students are lucky ones, they can now buy their favorite iPhone 5S which will cost them almost 50% in comparison to others… check out

  • Sugarc21

    The student activated price is cheaper for most of the phones give or take a few like the nexus 5. It’s a great program for students and what most wouldn’t think about is best buy’s financing options. Any one of those phones would qualify for 18 months of no interest financing if you have the credit, meaning no money down!