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Sprint releases first Galaxy Note II Android 4.3 update in the US

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Samsung Galaxy Note II users have been waiting a while for a major update. The device launched with Android 4.1, and Samsung opted to skip Android 4.2 to directly give its users the Android 4.3 update. But it’s been so long. Luckily, owners of the Note II don’t have much longer to wait.

The international model has been receiving the update for a while through a staged rollout, but the US has been left dry. Until today that is. Sprint has become the first US carrier to roll out its 4.3 update to the Galaxy Note II. The build number is LP900VPUBMK4 and it should be rolling out to people starting today.

If you don’t get your update immediately, you’ll get it soon. The staged rollout will make you wait a bit, so be patient and check for updates once in a while to make sure you didn’t miss it. And if you want the update immediately, XDA is offering the update file to those who want to be bold and flash it. Hit the source link for more info and tell us how your update goes!

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • naypalm

    Thats amazing! Glad to finally hear that the Note 2 is getting an update!

    • Richard Yarrell

      Sprint has always been great with updates. Best of luck to my Note 2 friends.

  • alpro

    Well… the announcement was already made on Nov. 20th by Sprint then Sprint revoked it from its website then put it back on Nov.22. I am confused that you are saying Sprint announced TODAY, Nov. 25???

  • Kevin Esses

    Im just going to get a Nexus phone that way I will be the first to get an update.
    I love my note 2 but tired of being left behind on technology until last.
    Promises promises promises now they are sounding like Will Muschamp!

    • Paul Atreides

      FYI, there are Nexus devices that won’t get updated to Kit-Kat and some still waiting to be updated. It might be a better update experience than you’ve had but don’t think for second it’s all gold and glitter in Nexusland. Not to mention the bugs that slip through…

    • Tarek Banaja

      One of the downsides (and it’s not insignificant as far as I’m concerned) would be the absence of Samsung/TouchWiz specific features.

      e.g. S Note; camera modes (Eraser, I know it’s not on the GNII); Smart features (Smart Stay, Smart Rotation); Multi Window…

    • snxtr

      Doesn’t always work that way. I had the nexus s 4g with sprint and I was always at least a month behind other carriers.

  • Ramon Abundiz

    I’m done with Android. Trading my note 2 in towards iPhone5s.

  • Gemini 616

    AI used the link posted on XDA for my Sprint galaxy note 2 and was successful in doing so 4.3 update working great…..thanks XDA!

    • Christina

      Don’t know how it was successful for you I followed link and downloaded it only to get a “cannot open file message” hmmmm somethings fishy.

  • Gemini 616

    I used the link posted on XDA for my Sprint galaxy note 2 and was successful in doing so 4.3 update working great…..thanks XDA!

    • t Johnson

      I used the link. How do I update it with the file.

  • Ram

    Tired of Android updates as well. Really unprofessional. I have the Note II but looking to switch to Apple in a few months.

  • carlton

    I don’t know why people are saying that they are switching from a note 2 to an iphone… I have a note 2 and I couldn’t imagine carrying around a tiny phone. I’ll wait for the update. But if they don’t release it soon I’m not going to buy the galaxy gear until I get the note 4.

    • Richard L Scott Sr

      Amen I’m with you…

    • Al Kaholik

      hehe tiny iPhone

  • Edmond Chapple

    don’t get mad at Google about your phone not being updated, its the carriers that hold back the updates so I can fill the software with bloatware bullshit

  • donger

    lol 4.3.

  • Alfredo

    has anyone actually got the sprint note 2 4.3 OTA update?
    Still waiting in Los Angeles….

    • Alfredo

      nevermind. saw another post that said to install samsung kies on pc. once i did that and connected my note 2 to my computer, it recognized that it needed a firmware update. 20 minutes later, it was done.

    • Jermaine G

      I waited for a few days but didn’t get the ota, soI went into Samsung Kies last night and the update was there, so I updated from Kies. If you havn’t gotten the ota update through kies.

      • Steven

        what is OTA? I’m on Kies but I don’t see how to check for firmware?

  • Matthew

    Did anybody get the OTA update for sprints galaxy note ii in the NYC area?..

  • Robert White

    That download won’t open. I remember last update for s3 was perfect timing & all. This time w/ Note 2 I’m waiting impatiently. Huh?

  • Jim York

    I downloaded Kies, installed it, connected my phone, it said you have an update, and voila… all done….

  • Bobby Turner

    I have not gotten anything! Hooked up to pc and Kies said update… After 4 hours… Nothing… I’m tired of the bullsh*that!

  • John

    Just received the OTA update from sprint in LA this morning

  • Phillip Motley

    I did the download from the xda website, but once it finished downloading, nothing happened so I went to my downloads and clicked on it and it said file cannot be opened. Did I do something wrong??

  • r b

    My note 2 updated this morning took about 8 min on Wi Fi

  • Kim

    I have 2 lines with Sprint… With both lines I am using the Note 2. When the update to the 4.3 occurred only one of my phones updated to it and the other did not.. Why did only one of my devices update and how would I go by updating the one that did not??

  • beanster

    I got my update today but it doesn’t have knox is anyone having issue with this

  • Tara

    The update SUCKS. Battery drainage main issue. Text messages can’t be previewed on status bar when phone is locked, it doesn’t wake the phone up. Can’t change the face picture that comes up in text list.

  • Celia

    The Samsung Galaxy Note II Update really STINKS!! My Note II worked perfect until this last 4.3 update! There is an error message that says the “Touch Wiz” has stopped working. I have not found one permanent & viable solution for this error. The “Touch Wiz” is the program/app that is activated and allows you to touch/swipe your main screens. When l try to do this the error message pops up -and when I clear the message, other random screens start popping up.

    Does Anybody have a solution? Can I uninstall the last update? lf l do the hard boot & restore to factory, what will l lose?

    Apparently I am not the only one with this issue. It would take only a cursory look thru Googled android forums to see this. Can anyone help…..?

    Thank You.

    • hates 4.3

      Im having same issues…this update is horrible, im dropping calls and not receiving calls then it takes about 4 tries to make a call before I finally get through and my call is full of static….ugggggh ive had this note 2 for about a year without any issues until now….this update is HORRIBLE!!!

  • Nicholask


  • Lisa Falls

    Do not update!!!!!!!!

    1. My wifi now turns itself on regardless of how many times I go in and manually
    disable it.

    2. I’ve always had minor signal issues with getting low signal at home and in a few places but rarely ever lose data connection all together. And certainly not at home. Now I’m losing data every few seconds to where it completely shuts off the data with it sitting in the same spot.

    3. Hope you don’t use fb messenger!!! Even with 3 bars of 3g, messenger disconnects and won’t reconnect sometimes for 10 or more minutes.

    4. My battery went from 58% when I started typing this, to now 46% with just using my browser.

    I can deal with the ridiculous change to the settings menu. Whatever. But the rest is just terrible. Please fix it or so help me my next upgrade will be a Motorola!!

    • c

      Sprint has set Connection Optimizer to be seeking data / wifi connnection. Search on “Connection Optimizer” to find that sucker, and click the box to TURN IT OFF. Take back control.

  • Frank The Tank

    Holy Crap. This update to 4.3 basically ruined my Note 2. Here are the issues I am having:

    1. Battery life is shockingly poor now. NEVER was an issue before the update
    2. Home button is on a full 2 second delay
    3. Unlock screen freezes constantly
    4. Contacts freeze
    5. Dropped calls, STV, and missed texts.

    I really wish I hadn’t updated this. It made my awesome android into an iphone.

  • c

    Here’s what I am noticing -
    1. the screen colors seem to be amped up, I needed to adjust the brightness (major factor in battery usage)

    2. WHERE are my pictures folders????????? Lucky for me I had backed these up recently to my computer. Whew! But if you had not, and used folders, you may be pretty livid on this one.

    3. All of sudden all the music I had downloaded to the phone cannot be located anymore. I discovered this when my standard “time for work” alarm wasn’t playing the regular song anymore, had gone to a alarm ringtone.
    This is recoverable, but can I say +____ what a drag??______+

    4. It’s pretty stinky to discover all these changes on the fly when you’re in the process of using the phone!!

    DON’T UPDATE!!!!

  • Martin Yap

    Im a note 2 user I have wait 4.3 update for a long time but everytime I check it said your device already installed the latest update but when I check its just andriod 4.2 on my phone what should I do please helppppp T.T

  • Annette

    Lastest update is horrible for Samsung Galaxy Note2.

    1. Battery drains way to fast since update. Before my phone stayed charged all day and you actually see the battery draining as soon as you take it off charging.

    2 Volume for voice calls, music and using speaker is so low it’s ridiculous. When talking on speaker phone it is so muffled and static. Also, there is a beeping noise while on a call as if another call is coming through but NOT…so annoying! Was so crisp and clear before.

    3. Typing in dialog boxes while on the web the damn cursor will continue to jump around. Will not let you complete your sentence unless you rotate the phone. If you try to slide the cursor to the last word type it jumps and cut and paste boxes are displayed. I had the hardest time typing and completing this. This issue is horrible!

    4. Keyboard typing doesn’t recognize commonly used words anymore. I have to practically type the whole word be selecting quick text.

    This update is extremely disappointing! Issues need to be resolved ASAP!

  • Steve Koster

    battery runs down way too quick I can’t keep up with it don’t know how to get around this new update

  • eye

    The one problem that I have experienced is that in call volume is low and has static. I brought the phone in the other day, not knowing if it was related to the update, or a coincidence and they ended ordering me a refurbished phone. While waiting for the few days, I tried various things like deleting certain apps, taking out the ringtones, and putting my phone back to factory settings. They said that third party apps may have interfered with the update as opposed to the update itself being the issue and that trying those things may have been helpful.

    As I feared,the “new” phone sounded great until the update and now the same problem exists. I called Samsung who said that another update is in the works (a patch) to fix the problems but that they don’t know when it will be released. I was told that if I go back to Sprint they can roll it back to before the update and I can leave it that way until that happens. I am doing that today.

    • eye

      update: Whatever they tried didn’t work fix anything as the update is still on the phone. I guess I need to wait for the alleged fix that it is on it’s way.

  • Robert

    I hate the upgrade. Specifically because the new version of maps integrated into 4.3. Now I can no longer uninstall updates to get my old navigation back. It is gone forever. If apple gets a big enough screen on #6 I will switch. Hate my giant phone now, we used to be in love.

  • joshua bergmann

    Phone worked fine til update. I was bluetoothing music from my phone to my tablet and now it wont. Anybody know how to do this with the new update

  • Jack Winter

    Before the 4.3 update I thought my note 2 was the best phone I’d ever owned…now It’s so frustrating I could throw it in the trash. Battery life won’t last a day with mild use, charging is sporadic at best, keeps connecting and disconnecting when tethered to my computer (on the exact same cord I used the day before my update with no problem) predictive text used to be great but is now overly helpful. ..puts in things you don’t want. Constantly jumps to the top of the page while you’re reading….and on and on…AVOID THIS UPDATE LIKE THE PLAGUE!

    • Elise

      I can’t agree more!! This is so annoying! I used to show my Note 2 off to my friends boasting about the amazing awesome battery life it has. Now it dies really really fast with minimal use. and lots of times the screen just hangs for no reason. even when i am not underground, it takes a long while for the 4g 3g network to get back in place!! it is an absolute NIGHTMARE! DO NOT UPDATE! Samsung android SERIOUSLY need to FIX THIS!!!!!

  • Mick

    Does anyone ever do a quality control check on these updates? 4.3 has ruined my Galaxy Note II and from being the best smart phone I’ve ever had it is now a piece of junk. Is there any way to undo this update? I want my old phone back working how it was before the update.

  • Mark

    my once perfectly operating note 2, which never gave me one issue from the time that I found it new to this piece of crap 4.3 update… Is now nothing more than a nightmarish paperweight!… I have wasted countless hours trying to figure out why I can no longer post Instagram videos… It helps networking my business, and it has really hurt me that I’ve been no longer able to do that.then, just recently, it began to stop allowing any audio during a call.. and I mean that literally no one can hear me when I’m calling, I can hear the ringing and the speaker, & I have tried every single thing known to man to get it to work. So I take it to the Sprint store, due to having insurance, the very first thing I’m told is that Instagram is the problem because they are refusing to gli glitches with the note 2 and a couple other phones. They then proceed to do a full firmware test and remove my sd card, telling me that while the phone can take a 64 gig card, it causes all kinds of problems and I can’t even run the firmware test until they remove it. I get the phone back in 2 hours later once again I cannot hear the ringtone of the other persons phone nor their voice when they answer. Not only that, but now, none of my computers recognize the phone and can no longer find any availabledriver software on my phone. Once again, nothing I do is working to resolve that.II honestly can’t believe that I have had to waste so much time on something that I spent so much money on, and spend every month to operate. Also, I totally agree with the fact that this thing is just killing batteries now. I used to be able to hold a charge through half the day taking videos constantly on off road trips. Now it wouldn’t last an hour. In fact, while I am typing this, the charger is plugged in and it will not get to that point where it says “disconnect charger”. battery life now sucks! I also I’m having huge problems with cursor schizophrenia! Even typing this, it wants to stand in the left margin no matter what I do unless I use talk to text… Which, by the way, has also gone to total crap. I’m so frustrated with this at this point that I think it’s time to just take a break from the damn phone and go back to uploading my videos directly from my Canon to the computer and then typing out my write ups for rebuilds and restorations of classic Toyota 4 wheel drives. obviously I am NOT super tech savvy… But I do alright, and I just have to ask… Why the hell would they roll this out when it is so flawed?

  • frustrated

    I am so disappointed with this new update! My phone worked perfectly before. I used to show it off to people and brag about the incredible battery life. Battery life has been diminished significantly and my phone now gets confused about what time it is!!! One second it will day 5:44 and the next its 5:42. It used to pull up a blank note automatically when I pulled out the stylus. Now it seems all confused about what to do. Also the weather app has been majorly affected. Having to reload everytime it wakes up and taking about 5 seconds to do. The home button takes at least 3 seconds to respond. I HATE this update! My phone acts so stupid now!!!!