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Sprint, US Cellular Galaxy S III variants receiving Android 4.3 updates

Samsung Galaxy S III

This weekend just got a lot better for anyone rocking a Samsung Galaxy S III on Sprint or US Cellular. Both carriers have revealed that they’re now rolling out an Android 4.3 update to their flavor of Samsung’s 2012 flagship, bringing it up to the newest version of Jelly Bean. Sprint’s Galaxy S III is getting bumped up to software version L710VPBMK3 and gaining goodies like Galaxy Gear and Samsung Knox support, the Galaxy S 4 version of multi-window, Group Play 2.5 and more.

US Cellular customers can expect to see their Galaxy S III updated to software version JR003L.R530UVXUBMJA with their new update. Included with the new bundle of software is the aforementioned upgrade to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean along with some bug fixes and likely the same Premium Suite goodies that other Galaxy S III variants have gotten.

Ready to update? Mosey on in to Settings > About device > Software update on your Galaxy S III and see if you’ve got some Android-flavored Jelly Beans waiting for you. US Cellular notes that its customers can also perform a tethered upgrade by plugging their handset into a PC and using Samsung’s Simple Upgrade Tool. Instructions on how to go about doing that can be found right here.

How many of you are rocking a Galaxy S III as your daily driver? If you are, has your device been updated to Android 4.3 yet?

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  • okay

    So this how it’s going to be verizon everybody else gets to get the update except for us

  • Jon

    It says theirs no update yet o; so sad; hopefully they put it up in my area soon!

    • Argeanna

      don’t expect it within the week I just got off the phone with Sprint asking when the new updates will be and the person I was talking to looked it up and told me that only very few people have the updates they stopped rolling it out after the few people were complaining about bugs in the software. so for the time being you just have to wait until they fix these issues

      • Sylus

        Ok, thx Argeanna for the reply to Jon. My issue is quit different because i had already installed the update on my phone (Galaxy s3) but ts giving me a very hard time, slowing down and not able to run certain applications. Is it possible to go back to my original version as i wait for the rectification?

        • Michael

          Check out drippler, they recently listed a way to revert to Android 4.1.2 if you had issues with 4.3
          Hope this helps.
          Good luck!

  • donger

    Haha sprint.

  • Milind

    I waited for months for the 4.3 update and then last weekend just got tired and installed CM. I think I’ll just stay on CM now.

  • DAKdude

    I just got the upgrade on my galaxy S3 and it is terrible. My WiFi is unstable and hard to connect, I can’t turn on Bluetooth, everything seems to be running slow and motion is jerky. I wouldn’t update until they get the bugs fixed. 11/23/2013 09:03

  • Bobby Arte

    Guys when you upgrade your software it is usually a good idea to backup your data and perform a factory reset. This will probably solve most of those issues

  • alberto

    I just received the 4.3 update today. I like the “look” its going for but has issues with draining the battery and charging. Its taken practically half the day to provide a charge of 93%. After using the phone unplugged, I could just watch my battery decrease in life faster than usual. I don’t know what is causing this issue, but fix it or allow us to reinstall 4.1 until things are worked out. I have not seen connection issues though, if anything, that has improved.