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T-Mobile announces Nexus 5 availability, pricing details

Nexus 5 black

The Nexus 5 ended up getting backordered pretty quickly when it hit the Google Play Store last week, and now new orders of the device may not ship for another four to five weeks. There’s some good news today for folks that don’t feel like waiting that long for a piece of Nexus 5-flavored KitKat, though, as T-Mobile has announced that it’ll begin selling the N5 online on November 14 and in its stores on November 20. T-Mo’s pricing for the Nexus 5 will be set at a down payment of $41.99 and 24 monthly installments of $17, which adds up to a total of $449.99.

Google is currently selling the 16GB Nexus 5 for $349.99 without a commitment, meaning that T-Mobile (and others) are charging a bit of a premium for the new Nexus smartphone. That’s kind of a bummer, because buyers are getting the exact same Nexus 5 no matter where they buy it from. But on the flip side, Sprint and T-Mobile are making it easier for customers that can’t afford the full retail Nexus 5 price to pick a unit up by selling it with a contract or with monthly payments. Plus, these retailers are providing another place to pick up a Nexus 5 for those folks that are impatient and willing to shell out an extra $100 to get a piece of Google and LG’s latest collaboration as soon as possible.

If you’re planning to pick up a Nexus 5 in the future, where do you plan to buy it from?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Oscar Rivas

    I’d like to also add that T-Mobile also has their Jump program. Which could mean that this time next year you would be able to Jump to the next Nexus! Saving you over $100 compared to the play store. (Catch is you don’t get to keep the device….)

    • jay

      You have to pay 10 bucks a month for jump so no its not worth it. Comes out to 350 you paid.

      • Gabe (T-Mobile Tech specialist)

        It’s technically $2 per month extra since the $8 is for the phone insurance through Assurant. THE MORE YOU KNOW!!!! :)

    • Richard Yarrell

      Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile or it’s jump program period.

  • spazby

    Sprint is selling it for $449.99 but if you sign up for one up program, you get $15 off your monthly plan (I believe this is only 1 time kind of deal). That equals to $360 subsidy which makes the phone cost $90. Also, I was in the middle of the contract and I qualified for this – it restarted my contract though. Also, the cost of the phone is spread out over the term, so is the subsidy. I had to pay $35 or so for taxes (not sure how they came up with this) and the monthly cost of nexus 5 is $18.75, offset by $15 – my monthly cost is $3.75 for next 24 months.

    • spazby

      Forgot to mention that you have to turn in your existing phone and you get nothing for it… depending on your phone, that could be decent amount (mine was $79 – galaxy s3). still a good deal imo.

      • bahehs aldeen

        The Galaxy s3 for 79? Are you dumb? It is at least 280 on ebay.

    • Guest

      If you’re a new customer switching to Sprint, they’ll give you $100 off the device.
      T-Mobile claims it’s not a premium, but it’s the wholesale price LG charges… And that Google subsidizes the phone. Who knows? Will 3rd party retailers carry it at 449 & set up an Amazon issue where you go into brick and mortar to try out the phone and then buy it cheaper online

    • Nate B.

      You always have to give them your device when you upgrade. So you never have a phone to fall back on. That’s the catch.

  • Kevin

    Got my N5 yesterday – already registered with Tmobile prepaid $30 from walmart deal! boom!

    • Guest

      Interesting bbecause on another blog, a T-Mobile spokesperson said that plan wouldn’t be available to customers buying off Google Play. Were you already on this plan & just transfer SIM card? The Magenta rep claimed you had to buy the phone at Walmart and activate on T-Mobile. Com But then T-Mobile reps & service have never really had their act together

  • JPB

    I will be the sole family member still remaining on VZW at the end of this month, largely because I want to hold on to my unlimited data plan as long as possible. The rest of my family has fled to T-MO and are very satisifed. My contract is up in July, so I’ll see what to do then. I may just wait things out until the Nexus 6 is here.

    • Guest

      If you get decent T-Mobile coverage in your area, I hope you realize T-Mobile offers unlimited data.. LTE now too. It’s $70 plus any phone payment you might have. Your grandfathered plan may still be cheaper but my understanding is you also have to pay for your phone upfront. T-Mobile at least would let you make payments over 24 months if you wanted. Of course, the Google N5 at 300 or more less than an iPhone or higher end Android makes prepaid & non contract plans super attractive. I’ve been using a T-Mobile SIM on Straight Talk for a year & can’t believe I’m only paying 46$ including taxes. If I get this new device, I’d switch to the AT&T SIM so I could get I for that price. A similar 2.5gb directly on AT&T would be more than double the price.. On VZ, I’d get only 1gb for 90$

      • Guest

        Meant LTE..

  • Zimba

    Im so ready for the N5 and T-Mo!!!! Best phone.

    • donger

      Too funny.

  • M3rc Nate

    Personally i am still super happy with my N4 on Tmobile, though they are doing something weird with my local signal or something cause my battery is dying like crazy fast. Anyways, there arent enough differences between the N4 and N5. I mean yeah i could probably sell my N4 and the upgrade would be relatively cheap. BUT i think i’d still rather wait till the upgrade difference is bigger, so wait for the Nexus 6 (or w/e it will be called).

    • Guest

      LTE is probably a big upgrade

  • Crickerman

    Hmm.. well I guess you could look at it like a loan… comes out to about 28.57% APR (349.99 w/ down payment of $41.99, not counting taxes, amortization of $17 per month of principal+interest)… It isn’t a bad rate considering how small the loan is. However, I’d just buy it from Google outright personally.

  • sachidanand

    My phone is Samsung galaxy gt p1000 my android update 4.3 how please help me

  • aranea

    I’m waiting for N5 to show up with reasonable shipping estimates or on amazon. I’m one of those who missed it the first day.

    • AvatarZ

      Same here – I missed the play store … so now I’m hoping that Amazon wants to take my money and won’t charge more than Google … I’m surprised they don’t have it available yet.

  • Charles Morton

    If I’m already on contract paying for the nexus 4 how can I still get the nexus 5 like what would I have to do?

    • Guest

      Do you want to switch carriers? What carrier are you on? The device works with AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint so you could pay full price I assume and finish your contract (at least on GSM, just switch SIM.. Not familiar with CDMA)… The Nexus5 does not work on Verizon

  • rashad360

    The $100 premium is a bummer, but at least it is an option for people who can’t front the $350 up front.

  • dot

    I can’t seem to navigate the google store site, if I buy the phone from google, will google sell me an insurance plan in case I drop it or it has malfunctions? Is there a google store that I will be sent to or will I have to mail it back to wherever they ship it from?