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Take SwiftKey’s newest survey, win a phone or tablet

SwiftKey Win

Every once in a while, SwiftKey publishes a survey that users are asked to take. This survey helps the developers understand what direction they should take their app in, using information like most popular devices and satisfaction with their keyboard. It helps them, and the survey is pretty short and only takes a few minutes.

If that’s not enough incentive as it is, SwiftKey developers are offering a prize to one person. It’s a phone or tablet, of any operating system, valued up to $800 off contract. Basically, if it’s available in your country and not coated in real gold, you can win one! Ten others will receive a Moshi prize pack and a SwiftKey t-shirt.

That should be plenty of incentive to go take that survey. If you’re 18 or over, hit the first source link and start that survey! And if you want more information, check out their blog post.

Source: SwiftKey Survey, SwiftKey Blog

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  • aranea

    Thanks. I filled it up!

  • JOke

    I don’t understand the popularity of this….They still havent added emjoi…and the predictive quality isn’t that good. Ive typed my full name, my full address, my dog’s name and a lot more every single day…and yet it still isn’t able to predict those

  • nevetsg

    thanks, That was a lot of questions but it if done.

  • Rajesh

    Thanks for the pointer!

  • Nwemo

    This could come in handy,if ever I were to be lucky enough!

  • alexanderharri3

    SwiftKey continues to be my favorite, although Flow is still second to Swype (but it’s improving!). I only hope they can continue to work on the keyboard despite most of us having already purchased it. Eventually, they’ll need to release a separate app to re-charge us a dollar or two for their hard work since they can’t work forever on the same user base that isn’t paying any more.

  • donger

    That was a long survey.