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Unlocking your Motorola Developer Edition handset’s bootloader will no longer void your warranty

Moto X Developer Edition

It’s a new day for Motorola. The company has been making strides in how they conduct business lately by beating nearly everyone, including Google, to the punch in updating their handsets to the latest version of Android, and now doing a 180 on their terrible Developer Edition policies.

Announced on the official Motorola blog, unlocking the bootloader, to mess around with the operating system itself on a given handset, will no longer void your warranty. In the past, anyone who requested a bootloader unlock for a Developer Edition phone from Motorola had their warranty voided on the spot. Not only will unlocking your bootloader on a Developer Edition phone not void your warranty anymore, but any Developer Edition phone already purchased in 2012 or 2013 whose bootloader was unlocked will have its warranty reinstated.

Motorola is taking this news a step further by announcing that they will also be providing recovery images for Motorola Developer Edition devices for developers who may have gotten themselves in over their heads, and need to get their device back to how it came out of the box.

Motorola finished their announcement today by saying, “we hope that you like these changes. … We strongly believe in the developer and enthusiast communities and intend to keep making changes to better support them.” Motorola, keep up the good work.

Source: Motorola

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