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Hurry up and release a new Nexus 10, Google


We know that many look at their phones and say, “Man, I wish this had a bigger screen.” But how many look at their tablets and say that? If you can echo that sentiment, then you’re in the same boat as I am. The influx of 7-inch tablets on the market has defined what many people look at as a tablet, but some of us would like a bigger screen.

Take the Nexus 7. It’s a great tablet that’s perfect for people who want something small and portable for media consumption and even some light work, which is all that many people want from a tablet. But on the other side of the spectrum, there are those of us who feel that the Nexus 7′s screen simply isn’t big enough.

See, the Nexus 7 is great for portability, and its screen is sharp. But would you use it as a laptop replacement? Some may say “Yes,” but many people see it as more of a companion device due to its screen size.

I’ll consent that screen size certainly isn’t the only thing that makes it a companion product. In general though, a bigger screen size is a key factor in using a tablet as a laptop replacement. Laptops are often used for both productivity and entertainment, and when it comes to watching a movie on a tablet, I’m sure  I’m not the only one who feels that a 7-inch screen is just a bit too small.

When using a device with display size of 10 inches, or even 8.9 inches, the experience is much better. Watching movies is more immersive thanks to the extra screen real estate, and productivity gets a boost as well. That extra space gives you a roomier keyboard if you’ve got a paper to write or emails to compose. And if you’re editing photos on the fly, then you’ve got an obvious advantage with a larger screen, although doing any sort of in-depth editing on mobile is still a rather lackluster experience.

Before you guys hit up the comments and be all like, “Whatchoo be talking about? There be plenty of 10-inch Android tablets out there!” Ah, but what I’m looking for is 10-inch Nexus tablet. Last year’s Nexus 10 had potential but was marred by some flaws. For example, the 2560×1600 display was great looking, but the hardware and software couldn’t quite keep up with it. The software just felt jittery and would frequently stutter while the hardware tried to push all of those pixels around.

Those of us who are looking for a 10-inch Nexus tablet are kind of stuck at the moment. Rumors about a new Nexus 10 that may be coming soon have been floating around , but so far we’ve yet to see anything official. A Google executive did state back in July that a new Nexus 10 was going to be released, but we’re still waiting to see anything come of that statement.

The reason that we want a new Nexus 10 is that, while there are some great 10-inch Android tablets available, none of them will offer a pure Google experience. Updates will be slow and in some cases will be covered with a custom UI, something that many of us don’t want. Do us a favor, Google, and release a new Nexus 10.

Thoughts? Comments? You know where to leave them.

A nerd at heart, Nick is an average person who has a passion for all things electronic. When not spending his time writing about the latest gadgets, Nick enjoys reading, dabbling in photography, and experimenting with anything and everything coffee. Should you wish to know more about him, you can follow him on Twitter @nsarafolean.

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  • Arthur

    After owning a Android tablet and trying to make it work for me, I won’t be buying another regardless of the specs.

    Now that Windows has come so far with the hardware and software, having a full Windows tablet with great battery life is finally a reality. The Dell Venue 8 Pro 64GB for $329 on Amazon can’t really be beat. It isn’t perfect but the fact that it’s a full Windows experience in the palm of your hands is something I have been waiting for some time now.

    • Subhramani

      Absolutely. If I ever buy a tablet, it will be a Windows tablet.

      • Trevor

        I hope you have fun with all the freezing up windows has to offer!

  • TJW

    Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one pulling their hair out waiting for Google to say something about the Nexus 10-2. I’ve been looking for leaks etc. for weeks now and nothing. By this time in its release cycle the Nexus 5 had been leaked in almost every detail. I don’t want to buy an upgrade to my old Eee Pad Transformer until I know what will be on offer from Google.

    For me it comes down to a choice between the Nexus 10-2 (if it even exists) or the Transformer TF701T. If the N10-2 doesn’t have a 64gb option, since it won’t have external storage, I’ll opt for the TF701. I’m just wary of lag issues with ASUS tablets. My TF101 is basically unusable these days and it was never exactly a beast when it came to speed in the first place.

    • Darrell Butler

      don’t do it. I have an Infinity and am waiting on a pure android tablet. The lag is ridiculous at times and can’t wait to sell it and get a nexus 10-2

    • Rob

      I second the “Don’t do it.” I too have an Infinity. I sold my 1st gen iPad to buy it, wanting to go all Android and the Infinity was the top of the line at the time. The thing is almost unusable because of the lag. I’ve unlocked, rooted and tried every ROM and kernel out there and there simply is not a combination that makes it the content consumption tool and portable device that it should be. I’m waiting to see what the N10-2 is like and if it isn’t up to snuff, I’m going back to an iPad.

      • me

        U fcking idiots hes talking about tf701t NOT INFINITY (tf700)
        TF701T has NOOOOO LAG, ANY !!!! its damn smooth so read with understanding nabs

    • happyWithTf701T

      I used to have the tf201 (transformer prime) and I agree that it had slow IO that got worse with time. This was because of the slow nand used by Asus *and* the fact that android did not “defrag” the storage.

      I got the tf701t, and IO is definitely no longer an issue. Performance is excellent, beating the Samsung in most cases, and it is developer friendly. Thanks to the ota 4.3 update, android now has trim (“defrag”) so it should not slow down over time. Also, the touch response is impressive. Web browsing is especially fast.

      I really like nexus devices, but the lack of an sdcard or HDMI out has always upset me. The ability to triple storage for $35 cannot be underestimated.

      Finally, I like the not-too-thin bezels. This allows full use of the screen without “finger tip rejection” software screwing up touches at the edges. On the tf701t they are just the right size and allow easy handling without touching the active area.

      And I have the device now :)

    • Ben U

      @TJW I have a TF101, and I got it working pretty good at the moment with 4.3 on it. Have you tried KatKiss ROM. It works pretty nice with System Tuner App. With those combined on the Tablet it runs about 90% smooth. Biggest problem I see with it, is when it is downloading an update or anything off the net, the tablet stalls. Otherwise the tablet works great… However, I am also in the market for a new tablet, due to me needing LTE from T-Mobile soon. So I am hoping the next Nexus 10 comes with LTE in it.

    • Christian

      Well, I’ve got a TF101 myself and installed KatKiss ROM on it — man, it’s great. You should try it too.

  • 573W1E

    It’s a shame that there are not that many 10″ tablet options in the Android space. When looking for something to replace my Nexus 7 choices were rather limited.

    I felt as if the 2012 Nexus 10 was quickly headed for obsolescence (look at how 4.4 isn’t very well optimized for the 10, the phone UI in the settings and the black navigation/notification bar).

    Samsung’s offerings where under-specced with the Intel powered Tab 3 or the 1280×800 displays on the 2012 Note line up. Also, wanted to steer clear of any ASUS offerings because of a) Tegra, b) Poor OTA support (updates to both my OG Transformer and OG Nexus 7 caused more trouble than actually solving anything) c) Memory issues (The Transformer and the Nexus got insanely slow after a few months)

    That just left for me, Sony’s Tablet Z which apart from iffy developer support has suited me very well. I love how light and thin it is, actually makes reading books on a large tablet a reality. Plus, with its waterproofing is a neat feature. And it’s slimmer than the iPad Air.

    For the next Nexus 10, I would like to see it made by a manufacturer other than Samsung or ASUS. At least then we won’t have any memory issues or dev-unfriendly SoCs to worry about. Plus, needs to be slightly cheaper. The current Nexus 10s price, while decent isn’t in the same league as the Nexus 7 or 5 as they are absolute bargains while the 10 just isn’t.

    • rcavner

      I am trying to hold out for the Nexus 10 2, but am seriously considering the Sony Xperia Z. Since you have the Sony, what would you make you get the Nexus 10 2? Any major concerns with the Sony?
      Just curious. Thanks!

      • Timo

        Well I might not be the guy you wanted but I also have an Xperia tablet Z, and it works great. The SoC may be a year old but it performs like a champ. Battery is quite good, and the screen us my favorite screen of all times. The saturation is PERFECT, not over saturated like AMOLED or washed out like the current Nexus 10. Plus it is really light and slim. Really happy with my purchase. Oh, and I love the micro SD card slot!

      • Guest

        Someone asks an opinion of another brand & you people vote it down? Same about e if someone says they had a better experience with Windows & gets 30 vote down? Android fans make fun of iSheep but loyalists on these blogs are just as bad. Just cut its an Android blog doesn’t mean it’s a cheerleader. Some people actually come to get some objective info to help them make informed decisions onooperating systems and specific devices

  • CTown

    Will Google really make another ten inch tablet? I wonder what ever happened to that eight or nine inch tablet shown in a picture on before Google got rid of it? Will Google really going to support three series of tablets? Then again, that picture could lead to nowhere…

  • jeshep

    Several rumors that tomorrow or next Friday as possible release dates. Manufactured by LG this time. We should know within a week. Would be surprised f it is released within a week due to the absence of substantial leaks from Android-centric blogs. However the Nexus 4 launch showed that Google does not always have a big unveiling event so it could be any day.

    One such rumor:


    • C

      “christianpost” is worthless as is “au.ibtimes” – they just make stuff up to get clicks

  • Chris

    I have the N10, and while I would like a new one, I wouldn’t be half as bothered if I had actually received the 4.4 OTA. I know it’s coming, but it’s still driving me nuts. Anyway, I’m hoping it’ll speed it up and smooth it slightly.

    While I agree with the comment about about price, I feel the N7 is more the odd one out. It is cheaper than the N5, and by a considerable amount. And the N5 is pretty much the same price as the N10. I’d expect the N5 and N7 to be similar price.

    If 4.4 doesn’t improve my N10 by much, I’ll probs sell it as soon as I hear any inkling of a N10-2 if it sounds like it’ll be good. Mainly for future proofing-4.4 will no doubt be the last considerable update the N10 will receive.

    I’ve gotta say, if Moto release a 10″ tablet, I’d be tempted, especially considering their 4.4 update speed.

  • Kirk Schwarz

    Glad that I got the samsung 10.1 tab 2 as a companion to my nexus 7. I tried the nexus 10 and u r right saw the problems right away. Keep the articles coming u r very informative. Thanx

  • Anthony

    I couldn’t agree more. The waiting is driving me mad! So mad in fact, that I’m even considering just going for the ipad.

    • Raptor

      iPad? That’s serious. If you afraid i can take a doctor appointment for you

    • Steven

      Yeah, don’t do a silly thing like that. I am also considering some alternatives in the absence of the nexus 10.2 or the 8 though. One of which is the LG G Pad 8.3. Just have some concerns over the frequency of android updates from LG and the LG software bloat though.

    • Guest

      Most people love their iPads & nothing wrong with getting some long term experience with both platforms…

  • Wekebu

    I’m constantly checking for news of the release! Make it soon

  • cyk

    I absolutely hate the look of the new nexus 7. I owned the 2012 version and it suited me a lot better. What was google thinking narrowing the screen with those hideous bezel. Lots of people dont want a 7 inch tablet because its too small. Quite a few people are waiting for the n10

  • Reeve Luiz

    I am so in the same boat. Need to upgrade my previous tablet pretty badly and none of the tabs in the market currently appeal to me!

  • Milind

    I’m surprised at all these comments about the N10. I have it and just love it. I had the original iPad, the first Transformer, Infinity, the Acer (forgot the model number), the Touchpad and now the Nexus 10. I think it’s just perfect. It’s incredibly smooth with no jankiness or lag at all. The display is brilliant. The 4.4 update is definitely just a tad bit leggy. But I’m sure an update will fix it. In fact the small update may already have done that. Either that or I have got used to it. The only thing that totally annoys me is the spaces that get added while typing when your finger touches the space bar half way into the navigation bar. Really annoying. Especially in SwiftKey with the long space bar. And I really hate that the navigation buttons are no longer on the left. But that’s really something stupid Google did with Jellybean.

    • Andrew Leeke

      I agree, I love my nexus 10, I’m really spirited by all the negativity. Mine handles anything I throw at it, and all pretty seemlessly.

  • Pravas

    I find 10 inch tablets more appealing than the 7 inch.

    • damambt

      I have to agree, I really dont enjoy web browsing and video watching on a 7 inch tablet as much as I do on a 10″ screen.

  • Troy

    As others said already: hurry up and bring the 4.4 OTA for the old N10.

    But also: hurry up and bring accessories for the old N10. It is a disgrace that there is still no decent pogo dock available. (I know about that home made one, but it’s rather expensive and I live in the EU).

    • Guest2346

      They rather u buy a new device like GNex users

  • Andrew Leeke

    Clearly, im still no fan of touchscreen keyboards and predictive text…

  • Jon

    So sick of the Microsoft PRs spamming the comments of every tech story going. At least learn how to astroturf convincingly.

    You’re completely ruining your own brand. The way things are going, I’ll probable never buy another Microsoft product again, (maybe Office if I must).

  • VAYinzer

    I own a Nexus 10 tablet and love it. Its fast, smooth and the display is amazing. No issues whatsoever and would definitely consider the next N10-2. I wouldn’t buy any tablet except the Nexus line, b/c I want the pure Google experience. You can’t go wrong with a Nexus line tablet in my opinion. Looking forward to the next N10!

  • tom hanks

    I love the current Nexus 10. Never noticed any lag or trouble handling graphics. The display is incredible and plays HD movies, games, etc without any problems.
    The KitKat update has made it even more responsive.

  • Thornton

    Other half needs something better to replace her doggy cheap tablet with and prefers the 9.7 format. I’m looking for an upgrade and would prefer an 8in and my kid would inherit the Nexus 7. At least that was the theory.

    In practice, I seriously considered the iPad first (9.7 screen format), then Android offerings. More recently considered Windows tab/convertibles as they could perhaps also replace our ageing laptops. My findings though, having seen and handled most of them in the shops or elsewhere, were not encouraging:

    - No decent brand other than Apple makes a 9.7 in tab (my other half’s ideal format)
    - iPad Air/Mini2 base options to skimpy, options expensive. Need 3G version for GPS (+100).
    - Samsung Tab/Note3 has low res screen
    - Google 10in tab reported unreliable (agree the new 7in is horrible as well)
    - Surface RT is too risky – too few apps – if only it ran Windows Phone 8 apps!
    - Surface Windows 8 expensive for a practical level of storage unless I buy last years model and even then its still the most expensive option
    - Toshiba android pro tab looks good but subdued display is reason for mediocre rating
    - Toshiba Windows offerings too clunky, jittery and expensive
    - ASUS transformer reports of reliability issues and poor support
    - Acer Iconia Win 8 but horrible screen, buggy, slow, underpowered
    - Archos – ditto and short of features to boot
    - Dell Venue – the Atom is underpowered for Win 8
    - Sony Experia reports of long charging times

    If Samsung had a higher res screen, or the iPad had the storage and features for a more reasonable price point, or the new Surface Pro was £200 less and had 128Gb storage, then the money burning a hole in my pocket might have been spent by now!

    As it is, I am rather left scratching my head. I might bite the bullet and get the iPad, but out of all the goodies on offer over at the moment, I am seriously tempted to buy nothing!

    • Nigel wainwright

      Brilliant comments,I too look at all tablets wanting to upgrade from my BlackBerry,keep checking out on ytube, and your right the x is a vgood tab but don’t like charging times,tosh another good spec but test on tube rubbished it,waiting for 10/2 to check it out, not holding my breath, don’t think any tab will replace lapps yet, not there yet, perhaps in 2yrs,another thing is the prices getting towards good lapps and yes lapps are slow to boot but do most things

    • Goran

      try or read about the Sony Xperia Z tablet or the new Samsung Note 10.1 2013, both have high resolution screens. I have the old Nexus 7 (still waiting for Kitkat update) which has gotten a bit slower but still great, wouldn’t buy anything other than a Nexus so still waiting for the new N10, will also get the N5 and give my GS4 to wife.

      Apple is still making the best large tablets and the new Ipad Air 9.7in has the fastest processor and ultra-light build. If either N10 (2013), Samsung Note 10.1 or Xperia Z dont’ work out for you then go for Air.

      • Goran

        sorry, i meant Note 10.1 2014 Edition

  • madsalad

    We bought the N10 when it came out last year.

    For starters, Google was a nightmare to deal with when that first wave of Nexus products hit Google Play. All the buffoonery and shipping delays (well over a month from when we were told it shipped) just took some of the wind out of the sails (that said, my wife just bought the Nexus 5 and the shipping/expectations were all set accordingly and it arrived ahead of schedule this time).

    Additionally, I’ve never been truly happy with the N10 for reasons in the article. Stutters, force closes, freezing, reboots all happen too frequently for a product designed and sold by the software manufacturer to work with its own software. It’s not like I’m trying to perform high level rendering on this thing, I’m just trying to watch a movie or play a game, and my 2.5 yr-old HTC Sensation handled those things fine so I’m not sure why the N10 was plagued by these issues.

    I don’t have the money to buy another N10 so I’ll stick with this one for now and hope 4.4 1) finally arrives OTA and; 2) smooths some things out and gets the N10 running the right way.

    I also hope that Google continues the 10″ line of tablets. It was a good attempt just sub-optimal execution.

    • samantha86

      I think something is wrong with your nexus 10. I’ve never had any problems with mine, nothing like what you described at all. Its been awesome. Also I got the 4.4 update days ago. I think its even better now.

      • David

        Same here. I absolutely *love* my Nexus 10. There is no other device that is this good to browse the web. Curiously, the tablet never reboots or anything. It was Chrome who rebooted my tablet often, but after a few updates Chrome is now behaving, so no reboots. But the tablet itself is just fine.

        The ridiculous resolution taxes all the games yes, but if you dont want to game on it, and just use it to consume content like web, apps, movies etc., it’s good. I also watch HD movies in it, no problems.

        Finally, the KitKat update improved the UI speed. Really, it’s so satisfying right now that I couldn’t care less if Google releases or not another N10. I sold my 2012 N7 and bought the N10, actually.

        As a side note, I always thought Android was more like a conventional computer than a simplified system like iOS. Therefore, I always suspected that updating could make it worse due to files and settings left. After big Android updates, I always clean wipe and install from factory. A nuisance yes, but it never fails to perform well and satisfy me.

        My honest experience.

        • David

          PS.: yes, factory installing may be a placebo, I don’t know. I’m not saying it works, just that I suspected.

  • Boogie Booginacious

    Couldn’t agree more…I have been using Asus tablets — first a 201, and now an Infinity — both are large but the software updates are slow in arriving and with the Infinity, each update brings more issues. So now that I’ve grown fed up with the random reboots and hangs, what happens? I go searching for a 10-inch tablet to replace my Asus that is fast and lets me stuff it with a 64GB SDXC card. The only reasonably close option currently available is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014. Problem: the hard button and the menu/back buttons are hard-wired to the side and I am not willing to tolerate pressing one or more of these randomly as I peruse media in portrait mode. For those users who spend most of their tab time in landscape, this thing is perfect ($550 on sale next week, but right now it’s a pricey $600). 32GB isn’t enough for me (the Samsung’s max config is 32GB) but I figured I would go with the aforementioned SDXC card which I’ve been using in my Asus. The Note isn’t for me. And I assume the forthcoming Nexus replacement will NOT have an SDXC slot — why I’m not really sure — but I figure I’ll just connect it to my network/PC if/when I need to do transfers.

    I am pretty sure Google will release the tab within the next week; if they don’t, then I’ll wait until they do. But this whole “hurry up and wait” thing is irritating.

    And while I really dislike Apple products, I was so desperate I even considered and road-tested a 128GB iPad Air. It’s a really pretty, nice, shiny toy that doesn’t do much of anything (try loading up Firefox on an iPad).

    So I feel your pain and too hope we have a new Nexus ASAP.

  • jmburks42

    I’m in the same position. Been waiting more than 6 months to see it. Between it and the Samsung 3 10.1 or Kindle 8.9. Would rather the true experience.

  • Cucurucu

    I would have a Nexus 10 now if it wasn´t for one thing I cannot understand, devices are not available from the Republic of Ireland!
    Did you know devices are shipped from Dublin?
    I have tried numerous times to order one with proxys etc. but couldn´t get one.
    So now the next generation is coming out. Can´t wait! But how do I get one??? I´m not payin’ Amazon an extra hundred quid for one!

  • smeghead68

    I have a N10 and really like it for the most part but for some reason at least once a month I have to re-boot because it is locked up. No rhyme or reason. Now my N7 (2012) is my go to device.

  • Nexus5_ipad

    I have using Nexus phone and tried Nexus tablet once and I would never want to go back to Nexus 10. I have Nexus and using iPad Air. It’s really great. Mostly I use my phone for calls appointments, notifications, texts and sometimes watch video. I do not like the iPhone because there is no widget and you can not customize the way you want. You can ask me why iPad, its the same issue right but I use my iPad for movies, type emails and other activities without using the laptop or desktop.

    Nexus 10 is heavy and the battery is very poor. the display is not even closer to the iPad.

    I am not android or apple fan. I am just consumer who wants to use the best ones that suits my need.

    • BB

      Blasphemy on this blog to dare not buy everything Google. I have a Mac & a Nexus phone… I may get iPhone 6 next year. Google & Android has been a nightmare & you get no support. Switching phones is nightmare in terms of app histories

  • Sylvain

    After buying a Nexus 7 in May, I knew I wanted an N10 but not the first version since it was very buggy, bad battery and charging.
    After buying a PC last year and forced into Windows 8, 8.1 is not any better btw, I am truly looking for something to replace my PC at home as I don’t ever want to work for Bill on my spare time fixing his problems.
    I know I want a Google Android tablet because it is not bloated like the Samsung and others are. It is pure Google and that is where I believe the future lies.
    I have been waiting 2 months now and I’m starting to look at iPad air.
    I think Google should come out with some sort of announcement before everybody buys other tablets before Christmas.

    • Nexus5_ipad

      If I were you, I will go with iPad Air. very slim and light weight. it feels and looks great. The display is awesome. I am not sure about the upcoming Nexus 10 but I still don’t think it can compete with the iPad Air.

      I love my Nexus 5. great Phone and really love it, nexus 10 not so much.

  • Nexus5_ipad

    I have been using Nexus 5 phone and tried Nexus tablet once and I would never want to go back to Nexus 10. I have Nexus and using iPad Air. It’s really great. Mostly I use my phone for calls appointments, notifications, texts and sometimes watch video. I do not like the iPhone because there is no widget and you can not customize the way you want. You can ask me why iPad, its the same issue right but I use my iPad for movies, type emails and other activities without using the laptop or desktop.

    Nexus 10 is heavy and the battery is very poor. the display is not even closer to the iPad.

    I am not android or apple fan. I am just consumer who wants to use the best ones that suits my need.

    • N10twoCanWait

      The N10 is anything but heavy. You compare it to a brand-new tablet made to be a freaking piece of rice paper and of course the N10 is relatively bulkier. But is it fat and heavy? No. And saying the display is not as good as a retina iPad means you fail at even the simplest form of observation. Yes, I am implying that the year-old N10 has a superior display. That is because it does.

  • donger

    Meet our demands, Google.

  • N10twoCanWait

    “Last year’s Nexus 10 had potential but was marred by some flaws. For example, the 2560×1600 display was great looking, but the hardware and software couldn’t quite keep up with it. The software just felt jittery and would frequently stutter while the hardware tried to push all of those pixels around.”

    No offense, but what dropped-into-a-bathtub N10 did you use? I’ve had a N10 for nearly 6 months, and this thing is a beast. Fast, smooth, powerful, and the display is amazeballs. I think the fact that it’s year-old tablet is what bothers people. In the tech world, people can’t stand buying something that isn’t just out of beta testing. It practically has to come with diapers. Personally, I think that’s too impulsive and irrational. But, hey, that’s the mentality of most of the tech world of today.

  • mattcoz

    After getting my Nexus 5, I’ve barely touched my Transformer. Every time I do I’m simply disgusted by how slow it is. I loved this thing for so long, but now I’m desperately waiting for news of a new Nexus 10.

  • Frankdanktank

    Ive been literally searching for nexus 10 updates and I really can’t wait for it to come out. I just want google to make the release date official so i can wait in peace instead of these fake “LEAKS” and rumors of “21st, 22nd, or black friday release most likely but still havent been confirmed!”

    I wanted it mostly for school, so i saw review for ipad air comparison to galaxy note 10.1 2014. ipad air did impressive me by its performance. it ran better than galaxy note even though galaxy note has far superior specs. but im sure its because all these useless things that samsung adds onto their devices like eye scroll things (which most people i know dont even use).
    App store has an app called notability which allows me to take notes on PDF files AND record voice notes onto the pdf files which is exactly what im looking for.

    BUT i cannot take the fact that ipad is not customizable whatsoever. I’d just think that a customizable 10 inch tablet would be too beast for me to not get it. Hopefully android catches up on apps, but untill apple allows it’s users to fully customize their interface like android, ill never be an iphone/ipad guy.


  • Nigel

    I’ve had laptops now for 20 years, weighty heavy beasts which meager battery life. When the Netbooks cames out 6 years at really low costs I got them right away, for those times when my phone not up to the task, I had 7″ then 9″ and currently 10″ Netbook, along with a 15″ laptop.

    At about 10″ is the reasonable daily-use minimum to really be a laptop alternative.

    My Nexus 7 does many things, with a bluetooth case/keyboard and a USB/bluetooth mouse it is reasonable as a very light netbook alternative, but its still painful, the high-definition is good for “wow” video experience but irrelevant for driving apps, as that little icon you must press on a screen is a squint.

    I agree 10″ Netbooks really do get into the laptop alternative arena, but is Android the right choice? Is ChromeOS better choice?

    I am glad the rumors are around for a new Nexus 10, it is driving down prices, the original Nexus 10 is now available $300 new, which is not much more than a N7 new for very similar experience apart from double the screensize.

  • Haze

    Last year’s Nexus 10 was fine actually… It was update in Jan or Feb, and has been stable ever since. It’s even more fluid with the 4.4 update.

  • Horse

    Needs to happen already! This place will notify you when an official release day is announced –

  • Nick

    Screw Google especially after not releasing anything to even suggest that a Nexus refresh was coming. I have been waiting for months with only bad and unqualified rumours floating around. So dissapointed that they fluffed off their die hard fans and consumers. I would have blindly ordered the new nexus 10 on release day if it ever came out.

    Well, I bought an iPad air yesterday because like many others I needed a tablet for the holidays and couldn’t wait any longer. Although the ipads are well built, I still would have preferred going android.

  • Anthony

    Ditto. I went with the iPad. Couldn’t wait any longer. What is Google thinking? Are they that over-focused on googleglass? Really? Imagine how many consumers they are sending over to the other side by not releasing a new Nexus 10. Crazy.