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Bing for Android redesign delivers new daily wallpaper feature


Because Android phones are all about Google and its services, Microsoft has come up with a clever new way to entice people to use Bing for Android – daily wallpapers. Bing for Android has received a design refresh, but the main reason you’ll want to download the app is the ability to use the Bing daily image as your wallpaper on your Android device. Yes, it’s a bit gimmicky and pointless; there are dozens, if not hundreds, of amazing wallpaper apps for Android. But, you have to give Microsoft some credit for thinking of new ways to entice people to download Microsoft apps on an Android device.

Props to Microsoft for Bing’s four and a half star rating and using the new Android design standards, but it’s surprising that the company is putting any effort into its Android apps give how much time the company is spends educating the public on how not to get Scroogled.


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  • Anthony Domanico

    i think google should remove bing from the app store. perfect response to “scroogled”

    • Sean Riley

      No YouTube for WP8 and no Bing for Android. You’ve been “scroogled” Microsoft.

  • vivek201

    don’t post this shit again…

  • Dima Aryeh

    I’m actually going to download this, I love their wallpapers.

  • aranea

    Does anyone really use bing? I mean even at browaser searches google beats bing every time. Why would you go extra mile on your phone to download an inferior search engine?

    PS. Wasn’t there some rumors back then that apple will make bing iphones default search engine. I guess combined with sucking maps the users would neither be able to find what they are looking for nor would be able to get there :D

  • Mr. Frost

    Bing, LOL. It is trash, it is like saying Obama is a good president,…

  • G2

    I dont need bing. Android Users don’t use that or should i say android users never used that.

    Hi! Here’s my humble entry. :)
    plese watch and like.

    • donger

      yeah yeah yeah.

  • TrueMetalGeek

    Actually I like the new Bing search on the PC, it works better then google I think and I love how you can Hoover tour more over the video stills and get a preview of the video without opening the link.

    Do I installed the Android app and there is one unexpected bonus to this app… AN EXTRA BROWSER!

    When you own a link in the search results it owns in the buying app browser. The funny thing is this browser handles some website BETTER than the default browser or chrome in some cases. Flash works and the website lots faster.

    Try it.

    • TrueMetalGeek

      Sorry for the type oh. Fang Android phone. Lol.

      I meant to say HOVER YOUR MOUSE over the video stills to get a preview of the videos.

      Which also works in my Microsoft surface rt tablet try too.

      Bing is great.