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Carbon V2.0 is here with a full redesign


The Carbon app for Twitter became quite famous after promising release dates and disappearing completely for a while. But it was eventually released, and it was a pretty sweet app. A dark theme, crazy animations, and very good optimization keeping away any inkling of lag. However, its crazy animations put quite a few people off. Nonetheless, it was a very good app.

Carbon V2

Today the team has released an update for the app, bringing it to V2.0. This update is a full redesign, providing a new (and darker) user interface with new features everywhere. When you open the app, your status bar and nav bar go dark, immersing you into the Twitter feed. It’s quite good looking and still fast. But best of all, it’s still absolutely free. Here is a full changelog:

  • A brand new visual Style
  • New Timeline design
  • Images/Vides and Avatars are now clickable on Timeline
  • Timeline Quick Actions
  • New Quick Timeline
  • Chaos Menu on Home Screen
  • Fixed large Photo upload bug
  • Vine videos are now fullscreen and loop.
  • Added Don’t Disturb Mode
  • Oxide Mode for Gray Scale Timeline experience
  • Added Avatar uploader
  • New Conversation style on Tweet Screen.
  • Lots of other bug fixes and general enhancements…

If you want to check it out, hit the widget to go download the app. Tell us how you like it in the comments, and if you end up leaving Carbon, tell us what Twitter app you like most!


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  • Nate B.

    I enjoy this app very much, but I would enjoy it even more if the team would stop picking the glorify of the animation over the simple functionality. I find it really awkward and out of the way to use two fingers to jump back to the top. That should be a one handed feature (and it’s only one handed if you have the phone flat down on a surface), or an option in settings to do so. I don’t like that the links are the same font or color as the text of the tweet. They blend so it can be overlooked. I think they should either be bold font for the links or a different color. I don’t like how you can’t simply click the link from the feed unless you click on the specified tweet. It’s an extra step not needed. The link does change grey once you click on the tweet, but that’s after the fact. I don’t mean to sound picky.

    Pretty much the same functionality, but a new look. I do appreciate it though. One of my favorite Twitter apps. I would give it 5 stars if the above was implemented in it. It’s really simple things, but makes the experience much better. Animations and all are nice, but don’t forget the simple things.

  • redraider133

    This is a great twitter client for android. Love the redesign and added features.

  • donger

    Love the new look.

  • ahmed sahal noor

    adunydu waa madeys dadkuna wey matalayan

  • redraider133

    What’s up with all of this spam on posts lately? Wish somehow A&M could clean this trash up. Love the site but this spam is getting out of control. Wish there was a block button on A&M