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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas launches on Android, endless fun ensues

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas may be the most popular GTA ever made, aside from the new GTA V of course. But its fame is nearly unparalleled in the gaming universe. It was a great game, especially for its time, and is still a lot of fun today. Now, it has been released on Android so you can play it on the go!

The game features remastered graphics that don’t look much different from the originals, so you won’t feel like this game is pulling away from the original. There’s also full controller support, so you can play this game properly with a Bluetooth controller. And with somewhat complicated controls, we do recommend a controller (although Rockstar does well with on-screen controls).

The game seems to be giving some people a bit of trouble. There are reports that it isn’t starting after download. It’s probably a launch issue and will get worked out soon, but you might want to wait until the positive reviews start pouring in. But tell us, do you have any memories of playing the original? If so, will you be buying this port? Leave a comment!


Via: Droid-Life

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  • hank hill

    Hows your aunts propane and propane accessories?

  • SGB101

    No UK love

  • Steph

    All of that waiting and its not compatible with my android device.(Lenovo yoga tablet). I hope they fix the bugs and make it available for my device, I mean I know its a new device but still, I was so excited to play this again.

  • Mango

    Nope, not working on Nexus 7 2012. It just crashes in the downloading screen. Hopefully Rockstar will get an update, or take it out from the market.

  • Zander Claassen

    Why isn’t it available on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but is on S3 is it that dam 4.3 software update ?

    • DomBreth

      It is… ive downloaded on mine

  • StevenStills

    Definitely wait until this is patched, it doesn’t work on my Nexus 5 despite the fact that we’ve had 2 “patches” in the last 24 hours…surely you’d think they’d test the freaking game on Google’s flagship handset? It’s not just the Nexus 5 though, go to the Play store and people with the Nexus 4 also have the same issue.

    They should not have released it yet. I’ve been looking for something decent to test my Nexus 5 with but this is terrible from Rockstar, I’ve put my sim card into my 2 year old iPhone 4S and I’m having a go at Infinity Blade 3 until Rockstar get the Android version of San Andreas fixed…yes my 2 year old ancient iPhone runs games better than my flagship nexus. Even Vice City runs with zero lag on my 4S, yet on my much more powerful Nexus there’s lag at various points.

    • Nicoman

      there is a new update now v1.03 they say it works now

  • wwJOSHdo

    It doesn’t work for me…
    But I’m not worried. They will eventually fix it.

    • Si’co.

      R* You best be hulling ass to fix this game!!!! If you get it fixed before Christmas, then ill forgive you.. But if not… YOU’LL DIE!!!!!!

  • donger

    Go Rockstar.

  • Trividol

    It’s great

  • Aminul Ali

    When is it going to be compatible on my galaxy note 2 please help me?

  • Anony

    Actually, GTA:San Andreas is still the most popular Grand Theft Auto game released. That’s a fact. It has wayy more views because of mods, let alone worldwide recognition and sales.

  • Adrian Clark
  • Christian Camano

    Does this game compatible for Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 (GT-I9152)?

  • josh

    Even though its old why isn’t this game compatible with my droid x? Also I just bought a his sense sero 7 pro Lt android 4.1.1 and it still giant working help

  • Joe Saab

    The GTA San andreas runs slow on my Lenovo IdeaPad yoga 13 with an i5-3317U ULV Processor, 64 bit win 8.1 version, integrated intel HD Graphics 4000, 4GB Ram memory..

    Any idea how this problem can be fixed? I appreciate any reply

    • misael

      hey bro I know may work if u have a android first download 4shared on Google play store when u download 4shared go to it on the search sign look up muzhiwan it’s going to be the first one and download it then open Muzhiwan then press big games and scroll down until u find gta San Andreas and click it and download it but make sure u have 2.41 GB and then install it and then press offline so u could play I hope it works for u guys peace

    • misael