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Newest SwiftKey Beta adds emoji support, long awaited number row


SwiftKey is arguably the best keyboard on Android, if not the best mobile keyboard of all time. It’s pretty fantastic, but no piece of software is ever perfect. I found myself trying to use the stock Samsung keyboard on the Note series devices just because I loved the separate number row so much. But of course, that never lasted long.

The latest beta of SwiftKey includes an option to add a number row above the letter buttons, a feature that’s fantastic on large phones. It offers instant access to all the numbers without having to long press. I’ve been wanting this feature for ages, so I’m happy.

There is also new emoji support in SwiftKey. It uses Android’s built-in emoji, or if applicable, an app’s built in set of emoji. The keyboard can also predict emoji like it predicts words, letting you add emoji automatically. It’s a good feature for those who like that kind of stuff.

As always, hit the source link to download the SwiftKey beta from the SwiftKey website. You’ll have to sideload it, and it will be separate from your original SwiftKey install. Provide feedback to the team and tell us how you like this new version!

Source: SwiftKey Beta

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  • Glenn

    I have the Galaxy S3 and every time I try to send a message with an emoji it warns me to switch to automatic mode. When I send it the emoji comes up on my recipient phone as question mark. Anyone have a solution?

    • Swirrel

      Yeah, have to other party install the same keyboard. It seems the information required to display those characters/emoji resides within the keyboard itself.

  • Cecy

    I just updated it and I love it! I cave stop using emoji! Thanks for the announcement!

  • donger