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The Pebble smartwatch getting own app store in early 2014

Pebble app store

The Pebble smartwatch is a fantastic little device. It’s so nice, we put it in our gift guide and named it one of our favorite accessories of the year. But the Pebble will keep getting better with subsequent updates, and come early next year, it’ll even have its own app store.

Yes, the developers announced that they are creating a central place for all apps, mods and watch faces for the Pebble. It has been dubbed the Pebble appstore and will launch in early 2014. Pebble apps that require a companion app from the Play Store will have the app linked inside the Pebble appstore. However, this doesn’t mean that third party app installations will be blocked. In fact, the developers encourage sites like and will not block any third party installations.

When the appstore launches, it will not support paid apps. There is no indication of whether this support is planned at all. However, the devs say you can just charge for a companion app on the Play Store.

It’s great to see the Pebble developers continually strive to make their device better and more functional. It’s a great holiday gift, whether for a loved one or yourself. Go out and treat yourself, we’re waiting.

Via: The Verge

Source: Pebble

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