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Android and Me podcast 004: Moto G or that Phablet thing


This week’s episode of the Android and Me podcast covered the newly released Google Play Edition devices from Sony and LG, the optimization of custom software versus stock Android and a detailed look at the Motorola Moto G. To celebrate the fourth episode of the podcast, we gave a way a $150 Motorola Moto X discount code during the show. Lisa (the lucky winner) was the first to submit the correct answer to our Android trivia question of the night: What was the code name of the first Motorola phone running on Android?

We did have multiple listeners send in the correct answer, but unfortunately there was only one code to win. There will be more prizes to give out in the future, so be sure you tune in every week to the Android and Me podcast.

Thanks for listening!

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  • g2

    Congrats Lisa.
    Need your Help!
    Here’s my humble entry. :)
    Watch and LIKE please.
    Thank You Android Family. :)

    • donger


  • RonD

    To answer the question for the contest tonight, try Zeppelin.

  • Joshua Brown

    Hey great podcast! Dustin has me wanting to sell my n5 and pick up a moto g. I only get h+ in my area with tmo anyway, don’t take many pictures, and NEED a device compatible with otterbox or lifeproof, without losing my vanilla quad core experience. No brainer?

    • Joshua Brown

      BTW, I still love my nexus. I just don’t want to hurt it.