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Weekend Giveaway: X-Doria Dash Pro Galaxy S4 Case and Divoom Bluetune-Bean Speaker


Hope everyone is off to a good start to their weekend. We’ve got a quick contest for you to help pep things up as we encroach on the often quiet weeks leading up to CES 2014.

One lucky winner is going to take home both a Divoom Bluetune-Bean bluetooth speaker as well as X-Doria’s Dash Pro case for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Bluetune-Bean is a pocket sized bluetooth speaker that comes with a carbiner allowing you to clip it to your bag or belt loop. It’s rechargeable battery lasts about 6 hours per charge. It can of course be used to crank up the volume versus the often fairly lackluster speakers in your smartphone and it also has a built-in mic so it can do speakerphone duty for you. If you’ve been wanting a bluetooth speaker, but don’t want to add any bulk to your bag the Bluetune-Bean from Divoom is a nice little option.

X-Doria’s Dash Pro is a minimal folio case for your Galaxy S4. The case has a leather-like feel on the outside and a soft interior. The cover is held shut by a magnet, which I will say is a nice touch having used flip covers that would just flip open at random. The case also serves as a multi-angle stand for your S4 which since we no longer have kickstands built into our phones is always appreciated.

Alright so now for the rules quickly. You can earn up to four entries in the contest via a few means. The first way will earn you two entries and that is by simply leaving a comment on this post telling us your favorite app or game of 2013. While it’s nice to hear about new stuff we aren’t going to be sticklers about whether it was in fact released this year or not. You can also earn an entry by following Android and Me on Twitter and another by liking us on Facebook. Make sure you use the widget below the post in order to be properly counted. The contest is limited to US only this time and will close Monday at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time and we’ll announce the winner on Tuesday.

Good luck!

Congratulations to Aaron L. who was the big winner this time around. If you didn’t win stay tuned as we’ll have another contest coming up tomorrow.

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Via: Divoom Bluetune-Bean

Source: X-Doria Dash Pro for Galaxy S4

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  • Jason Schleitwiler

    Good luck to me…oh yeah, and everyone else lol. Happy Holidays.

    • Cindy R. Berry

      before I saw the check 4 $6930, I accept that my sister woz trully receiving money in their spare time on their laptop.. there aunt started doing this less than sixteen months and recently repayed the loans on their house and got a brand new Nissan GT-R:. more info here —

    • vince

      Still one my favorites is the Nexus 4

  • Nate Marrufo

    This would be awesome for my S4!!! Thank you Android and Me!!!

  • awundrin

    Sweet! Good luck everyone!

  • Nate Marrufo

    Also, my favorite app of the year is Pushbullet

  • Jeremy

    Hands down one of my favorite games to play is Real Racing 3.

  • Andy Flacks

    Favorite app is feedly with cover a close runner up

  • LukeT32

    Clash of clans has been getting a lot of play time on my phone.

  • Marco

    wow, that seems nice, wish i would win this :)

  • Wilfredo

    Feedly is my favorite new app.

  • AChackes

    Favorite app right now is Deer Hunter 2014

  • Kris Yarno

    My favorite game this year would have to be Deer Hunter 2014

  • José Miguel Longo

    This would make a great stocking stuffer!!! My favorite app of 2013 is Any Do.. it is a calendar and to do list maker that utilizes your google account to bring you live updates of your day with awesome graphics and keep you on task with reminders.

  • Mojor Rizin

    favorite game is real racing 3

  • Tan

    Been playing asphalt 8 all dayy

  • pryvateid

    Well everybody may not have access to this app, but I do, being a new Republic Wireless customer, and a new Moto X owner. The Defy XT on Republics has an app called WiFi Pilot that would allow it to be on airplane mode and still have WiFi enabled. With more current versions of Android, access to toggle WiFi on and off on airplane mode has been disabled, so most apps don’t work to do that anymore. However, someone in the Republic wireless community found a way to enable it, and the app is called “WiFly.”

    The app allows you to have WiFI Automatically toggled on with Airplane mode enabled, it allows allows you to automatically keep Bluetooth on. The latest updated added you being notified when is a good time to enable WiFi mode, and a pestered option if you ignore it.

    This is great for Moto X Republic Wireless customers because the WiFi handoff to cellular is seamless; however, it still needs to be worked out to always handover to cellular shortly after placing the WiFi call. So this is perfect.

    I also love Plants vs. Zombies 2 as my favorite game of this year. It’s easy to get into, repetitive, and there is so much playtime with various levels, unlockables, and of course new plants to use.

  • Allisson Rozendo

    Angry birds go is one of the best game of this year, plus I want this combo for my s4

  • mvndaai

    My favorite app of this year has been the moto x voice control. My favorite game was minion rush.

  • Herb

    Latest SwiftKey.

  • ChrisAre

    My favorite app has definitely been the new Assassin’s Creed game. Hope I win!

  • asmodeus5

    Carbon is my favorite app, Twitter app is gone unless they make some useful changes.

  • Cheryl Barnes

    This would be a wonderful Christmas present to me…good luck everyone!!

  • roxy meto

    Google play !!!

  • navi16

    Has to be Action Launcher Pro…

  • Luis Garcia

    My friends has one for his phone and its awesome!!!

  • Andrew

    Angry Birds Star Wars

  • djsuddenstop

    Dynamic Notifications…best app that I have bought.

  • jovanny

    1weather great app with animations and full details.

  • Dave

    ChromeCast has to be in the top! Good luck to all!

  • Tim D

    Hands down SwiftKey 😃

  • Kevin Vesga

    Here’s to hoping to I win.

  • octavio

    Dead trigger 2

  • Abdulla tasleem

    Despecable me : minion rush is one addicting game

  • Darlene Trader

    My favorite app for 2013 is Fish Shop 3. I cant decide to buy. If I win I know a Samsung Galaxy 4 was ment to be mine!

  • Sajid Arroyo

    I would really love to win such a great speaker and a beautiful case. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • imrinder

    Asphalt 8

  • Ingrid g

    My favorite new game is the sims freeplay. I’m addicted.

  • Ethan Richter


  • Mark S

    Pretty cool. I hope I win. Merry Christmas

    • Mark S

      Oh yeah, my favorite app is Bleacher Report

  • Robert Ekroll


  • Randy B

    Aviate Launcher

  • kazahani

    Favorite app this year is a game called Meltdown. So fun!

  • Asgeir Daniel Saemundsson


  • alexander peckham

    My favorite game of the year is Modern Combat 4.

  • Abhinav Rege

    Its a pretty cool cover and a snazzy bluetooth speaker


    My favorite game of 2013 is Time Surfer

  • Devin Oelrich

    Awesome! Start is my favorite app

  • Vijay Gupta

    Favorite app is probably Vine! Keeps me entertained for hours!!

  • Terryj

    The “app of the year” for me would be FILE MASTER. I love this app, file manger with built-in wirless/Networking abilities…… AWESOME

  • brandon rose

    happy holidays

  • @Errbodyhatesbee

    My favorite app is definitely Aviate launcher. It is so simple and easy to navigate.

  • Fernando Lemos

    Minion run

  • techvudu

    Overall Xposed Framework is my favorite, but as that’s stretching it to be an app I say next in the running is Pushbullet. Thanks AAM and Happy Holidays Geeks.

  • slimx30

    my favorite game of the year so far is castle clash! I’m hooked on it

  • Logan Edwards

    I’d have to say Feedly has been my favorite app from 2013. Although I’m not sure if it was new this year, I started using it after Google Reader shut down.

  • nohasslecastle

    Favorite App Swype!

  • Rocco

    QUadropus Rampage and Keep

  • Pira

    why not two winners though?

    • Pira

      I mean, split the two prizes to two people?

  • Pira

    On a side note, my favorite app this year was definitely feedly!

  • sagy101

    my fevorite apps this yea is deinitely keep and swype

  • Jschurter

    Favorite app would have to be Bloons TD 5.

  • Charles

    favorite app is tasker :)

  • thymeless

    You guys need to bail on rafflecopter. It’s privacy nightmare and a pain to use.

  • Marwane ATTAR

    Favorite is asphalte 8

  • leo98918

    Hope I win! I just got a brand new S4 still in the box cause I don’t have a case our screen protector yet!

  • AmandaSav

    Ooh, that’s a toughie. I’d have to go with Trigger. I’ve become a big fan of NFC on my S4 and Trigger allows me to not only program tags, but also trigger them with or without physically tapping an NFC tag.

  • Sagar Wadhwa

    I hope I win this beauty :D

  • sagarwadhwa1

    I wish i get it :D

  • gore syrup

    The Curse is a fun puzzler that I’ve been playing a lot. Dead Trigger 2 is also good.

  • Ryan Johnson

    Personal favorite is Real Racing 3

  • alexanderharri3

    It’s an app rather than a game, but Nova Launcher for a smoothness like stock, but on non-stock devices.

  • Julian


  • Vance

    The two games I’ve with which I’ve spent the most time this year were despicable me minion rush and PvZ 2. Good luck all

  • BillJude56

    Cover is my favorite new app.

  • Vance

    Also, I already follow you on twitter and liked you on facebook years ago. Not going to agree to rafflecopter privacy requests, sorry. Have you read those??

  • Corey Saxton

    I am really into the Color Zen game. It makes the subway ride somewhat bearable.

  • Kavya Arya

    Yes iam in

  • donger

    Let’s do this.

  • BZ

    Favorite app is Any.Do to keep me organized. Favorite game is Star Command.

  • prit

    the best app i got was Google experience launcher.

  • renyo

    Fun to see the number of comments here… Really shows you how many people are actually members of A&Me…

  • renyo

    Ooh and my favorite app is of course Chrome and I do not have 1 single favorite game…

  • Jacob Boswell

    This would be an awesome Christmas present to myself ;)

  • Favian Orozco

    Win win win!

  • Vyrlokar

    For me, it’s Plants vs Zombies 2, specially after the last update (though I already had all the keys)

  • Alan Lau

    Best game Clash of Clans

  • Michael Lazaga

    Good luck everyone. I am enjoying SwiftKey less typing

  • Ananya

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! My favorite app is probably Google Chrome. It’s easier to use and much more fluid.

  • Ashley Leung

    Snapchat. ☺ I recently downloaded it and use it everyday! It’s so fun sending pictures or videos of your day to your family and friends, even if nothing is going on. They always put a smile on my face and every picture brings me closer to those I snapchat with. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  • Maggie Chan

    Favorite app is “French” by Mindsnacks. It is a very fun way to learn a new language!

  • mecky33

    My Favorite app of 2013 is Reaper from Hexage. Its an awesome game and very well developed.

  • derick rhoads

    I liked the touch less control app for the moto x.

  • Kurt benson

    I like Angry Birds still:)

  • scubabum

    Angry Birds

  • Randy White

    I’m a Candy Crusher, favorite game.

  • radu

    best of luck !!!!!

  • CheekyBroad

    Clash of Clans!

  • KRS_Won

    The sideloaded Googe Nexus camera so i can take photospheres!
    Pure awesome :-)

  • Bill Wen

    Good luck everyone!

  • Scott M

    great bit of kit! Thanks for the chance!

    • Scott M

      oh, and Bloons has been my muse lately )

  • josue

    Grear prize….

  • Julio Chavez

    Favorite game downloaded this year? Clash of Clans!

  • cliffy223

    Here is my comment but truthfully there are many great apps I use. But if I have to pick one then it would have to be Flipboard.

  • erikiksaz


  • Admir Hodzic

    Want !

  • Colleen Boudreau

    Family Feud.

  • Nicholas Tang

    My favorite downloaded game so far is probably Plants vs Zombies 2, although I’ve been enjoying Reaper and Tiny Death Star as well.

    • Nicholas

      That was me. ;)

  • Neil Coutinho

    I really dont like using my earphones in the gym. This speaker is perfect just hook it up play. Lovely. Favorite app well there are so many will have to go with Clean Master, Beautiful UI and works really well. Favorite Game well I do not play that much, All work and no play lol but have been playing the Ingress game recently. Fun to move around hacking portals and control fields. Go Resistance !!.

  • franrich

    best game this year dead trigger 2 alos love Aviate launcher.

  • Hung

    Favorite android app – Google Keep.

  • nivekkev

    I like Real Racing 3 but have been playing Clash of Clans quite a bit lately, but can’t forget about Swiftkey

  • Shadowlore

    My favorite app so far this year.. hmm… Probably FedEx’s new app that allows you to track your packages, and get notifications when things are shipped to you. Doing business with a few companies outside the US, it’s always been a logistical nightmare knowing when to expect packages. It’s saved us a lot of time and gas money ;)

  • John Rizk

    I think redirect pro has been my favorite app, it allows for automated file management.

  • Jason Toering


  • John Kirkpatrick

    I must say that I am liking Evernote quite a bit!

  • Thomas Biard

    My friend has this same case for her Moto X. Its pretty awesome. The Speaker is cool too.

  • Jason Lassourreille

    Ridiculous Fishing has been a lot of fun. Reading along on the story line and tweets hits a bit close to home some days.

  • Jason

    thanks in advance

  • Tashanna

    My fav app is feedly.

  • Ben Rodriguez

    Favorite app this year…hmm. Android Device manager.

  • Jacob

    My favorite app this year would probably have to be RemoteDroid.

  • Kilgore Trout

    I still like and use Smart Tools a lot.

  • Do tri trung

    Very beautyfull