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Reader’s Choice awards: the best smartphone of 2013


Last week we asked our readers to name their favorite Android smartphone of 2013 and more than 2,500 of you responded by nominating and voting! While there were quite a few amazing Android phones released in 2013, your votes made it clear that a single device rose above the status quo – the HTC One.

Capturing 31% of the votes, the HTC One is the clear winner of the Android and Me Reader’s Choice award. It’s hard to say why HTC managed to push through with a double digit win, but the handset’s superior design and build quality, front-facing stereo speakers and innovative camera experience (HTC Zoe, Video Highlights and UltraPixel sensor) certainly helped give it an edge.

The Nexus 5 proudly took the number two spot with 21% of the votes, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 came in at number three with 11%. Surprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 came in at number five, losing the number four spot to the Motorola Moto X. Somehow, Motorola has found a way to capture the attention of consumers with internal hardware a half generation behind the curve. The LG G2, Sony Xperia Z1, Motorola Moto G, HTC One Google Play Edition and Sony Xperia Z round out the top 10 spots. The “Other” category picked up 2% of the vote, with the Nexus 4 beating out the other 46 entries submitted by our readers.

As we  move into 2014, it’ll be interesting how these top devices will have an impact on the next generation of Android smartphones. The HTC One and Nexus 5 may be at the top of our chart, but HTC and Google need to make significant changes if they want to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple who seem to have a stranglehold on the market.

Do you agree with the ranking of the best Android smartphones of 2013?


Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • famoso jorden

    This is no surprise to me, HTC is the only Smartphone company that did risk something this year, releasing a phone below 5″, a camera below 8MP and adding front-speakers. Cased in Aluminium with a total redesigned front and back it competes with Apple’s premium hardware rather than having to compete with Samsung’s yearly Hardware update in old Design.

    Having the Hardware-Monster on rank 3 only (having more RAM, Battery and exchangeable parts than N5 and One) shows, that lots of people don’t want to invest in 5″+. The S4 just didn’t impress anymore but was seen as a refreshed S3, so most people skipped it. If it had the Note3 hardware it would totally different, Im sure (saying that being a samsung hateboy).

    I love seeing the Moto X ranking in top5. A MUST HAVE phone for me, which I couldn’t get, since I sadly live in the place Motorola seems to hate (we only got the Moto G).

    • SGB101

      U don’t think it’s the size of the device that puts people off the note3, the note sales in total are huge. As I don’t think the refresh of the s4 over s3 has disappointed. It’s the amount of crap installed and the over complication ui. Plus the direction Samsung is leading it’s users. And us here being more alert to it, would of swayed our votes.

      I’m a note 2 owner, and user, the software on this was bloated, but to the Samsung fan, it wasn’t hardly different to the first sgs, it was livable, but the moment I seen the latest offerings, I was out whatever the hardware. Especially as the hardware is over specked now.

      • Tangent

        While it certainly wasn’t the only reason, the size alone would be enough to make me not want the Note 3. That of course was also the primary factor in a coworker just having bought one. For better or worse, that size is pretty polarizing I think.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      Love the aluminum and front facing speakers (WHY hasn’t anyone done that before?!?) but I don’t like Sense or the screen. It just has a really large bezel to me. If they make another Nexus and add front speakers… I’m all in

  • SGB101

    The pimp slapping note 3, isn’t the best of all time, after all? So it true Mr Y, is full of sh*t after all.

    I’m really liking the Moto G hit well above its weight yet again! In all fairness it isn’t the 8th best android device. However £ for £ it is number 1.

    • SGB101

      I don’t really believe that about the N3, if judged on specs alone, it is number 1. And my Y is correct, but once the specs are good enough, other factors come into play, that wouldn’t of if the specs was lacking.

      The Moto x is as quick as the n3 I’m use, so spec is taken out the equation, sd storage isn’t the issue it was, so that is taken out, the Moto x has a great battery so again the removable option of the note is void.

      Then if both phones are equal, then I’d take sd over non or battery or non, but there not, the choice is os, or skin vs vanilla, and that’s a person preference. So the deck was always stacked against the Samsung, as we the geek voice, the majority is stock over skin. Added to the other variable size, where as a population 4.8 more popular than 5.7.

      So is the note the best phone, yes, it probably is, the trouble is Samsung isn’t really liked by the purist and it’s a niche size.

  • David Kelly-Durrant

    I’m still happy with the Note ll but I’ve jusr bought a Moto G to try.. what a budget belter :-)

    • SGB101

      Your treading the same road as me. I’m loving the G, and reading for the note2 less and less, it’s becoming my bed phone for watching TV, when the Mrs is sleepimg.

      A frigging bed phone, that just sounds spoilt, and such 1st world snobbery.

      Xbmc and the note is a killer combo tho.

  • B***S love me

    WTF is doing the Moto G there?

  • Michae Gillin

    MOTO G is their because it’s the game change. High quality device for a rock bottom price. It could be a significant reason why people push aside 2 year contract. check out the cost analysis

    • Michae Gillin

      MOTO G is there because it’s the game change. High quality device for a rock bottom price. It could be a significant reason why people push aside 2 year contract. check out the cost analysis

      • Michae Gillin

        need to correct the “there” No excuse- English is first and only language :)

    • lamorpa

      The MOTO G is their because? Why would it be their own because? What’s a ‘because’?

  • Kimbo

    I was so close to picking up a Moto X, but got the Nexus 5 instead and couldn’t be happier. I’m really happy to see both phones in the top 5.

  • Ant W

    With the short amount of time the Nexus 5 has been out, maybe it would have been No 1 if it had been around the same time as the One.

    I was sorely tempted by the One. A really good looking phone with a premium feel but just felt it had been out a while and the new kids on the block were more appealing and the S4 just didn’t do it for me.

    I have to say my HTC Sensation XE has been superb but I plumbed for the Nexus 5. I’m hoping it was the right descision (been waiting 3 weeks as out of stock!) and that I won’t be too jealous when HTC’s M8 comes out. I think that’ll be a beast… although the possible metal S5 could be a cracker as well… and the flex looks good… and the… ho hum, there’s always something better round the corner!

    The Note was a serious consideration at one point but it just felt a bit too big to use as a phone, a tablet fine, but feedback from others told me they feel silly answering it!… although you could argue what percentage of devices are used as phones now?!

    It’s good to see Motorola scoring highly. That V3 RAZR was a slick bit of kit in it’s day and I still have it in the garage and the new low cost Moto’s look very good.

    I do hope HTC’s finances improve as it would be a shame if they couldn’t continue at any point as it would be a serious loss to the phone market.

    Ultimately I liked the idea of a plain and simple Android device, hence the N5 and I’ll have 2 years to decide if it was the right decision… if it ever arrives!

  • thekaz

    I am surprised the Moto X didn’t do better, personally. Of course, make this a VZW-only list, and that changes…

    I guess the fact that the Moto X can be a great phone and still finish 4th means it was a great year for Android phones!

  • snowbdr89

    And the 2013 biggest dummy award goes toooooo dick yarrell

  • ChattyMatty

    The N5 brought me to the store, just to be sure there wasn’t something out there I’d rather have before ordering blind. The One almost won me over with the Aluminium case and excellent speakers, but at the end of the day (this will sound stupid) the lowercase htc logo just looked childish to me… like it was aimed at the “I hope by the end of my contract I have hair on my winkie” crowd.
    Two minutes with the G2 and I was sold. All the poo-poo reviews by the ‘professional reviewers’ who hate the button placement are pure crap IMO. One week with the phone and you never even think about where your buttons used to be, and frankly I like being able to hold it securely in my gorilla paws without constantly hitting the buttons like my Skyrocket. This thing is BEAST. Like the N5, hurt in this poll by it’s relative newness- VERY underrepresented.

  • jerrbomb

    I’ve always been a HTC fan.. I’m sporting bot a HTC one and a galaxy S4 and the s4 build quality comes 2 to none compared to HTC.

  • donger

    Go HTC!

  • vinayak

    I think Xperia z1 should have been in top 5.

  • sebuufu calph

    HTC does’t suplized me because of ots camera and shots but xperia has hardware effect .if i was ajudge i would have put n3 in number 2 because of its video and camera zooming in fact doesn’t fade the picture when your zooming but s3 has that effect…i salute samsung family on play store

  • Anon

    I am glad I have the best smartphone on planet !
    ONE phone to rule them all !!! :)

  • Hussain

    If readers chose HTC One, then why buying Samsung GS4? the list is crap no more. I can agree on the unbeatable combination of price+specs from Google in their nexus 5 but HTC One to go clear up front like this although company’s CEO resigned his position coz of the failure of this very device topping the list. If it was so good then it would have sold a lot…

  • Chetab Salunke

    i dont think this list is correct by the end of December there is certainly lg g2 has to be in the top of all. its processing power and camera certainly is far better than any other in this list and even built quality. despite of running on quiet older iteration of android os but update is in process that wont be the big deal.

  • Melissa

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  • Leander Berg

    Hey, I recently got the One, glad others like it as well! Hopefully htc can recvoer and get back to being one of the top smartphone makers not only with their devices, but also their finances. If they go down, it will be Samsung vs. Apple and you only got bad options, atleast I don’t like neither of them. Then there will be LG phones, but they often look like they take the best ideas from others and put them into a nice device, so there must be others to have those ideas! And Motorola seems to be too small and uninnovative for competing with Samsung and Apple.