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Reader’s choice awards: vote for the best smartphone of 2013


With only a few weeks before 2013 moves to the history books, we want to know what Android smartphone deserves the title of Best Android Smartphone of 2013. Looking back at the year’s top selling phones, it’s clear that Android OEMs stepped up their game – offering unique software and hardware features which cater to consumer demands. But this poll isn’t just about voting for the Samsung Galaxy S 4, HTC One, LG G2 or the Nexus 5. Devices like the Moto G and its bargain basement price tag, the CyanogenMod powered Oppo N1 and its reversible camera or even the LG G Flex or the Samsung Galaxy Round with their curved/flexible displays should be credited for delivering features a step beyond what most of us expect from our smartphones.

Our poll below  includes nearly three dozen of the most popular Android phones released in 2013. If the phone you want to vote for is not included, you can always add it to the list yourself.

What phone do you think should be crowned as the Best Android Smartphone of 2013?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Doug Cannon

    The HTC One in ONE word rocks!


    • Richard Yarrell

      Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period.

      Nothing else matters period

      • Namaste

        It does to people that don’t liike Samsung. I know you love to act as if Samsung created Android Richard, but thats simply not the case. There are other eoms out there that make devices that are better than Galaxy or Note devices. People are choosing other oems besides just Samsung. You can sing the praises of that company all you want. But they are the oem that actually tried to copy everything Apple did or does. And they’ve been successful at it. But they really arent the best at everything. You just think they are.

      • squiddy20

        And that is your opinion, period. Not a fact, period. You’re just a delusional fanboy who thinks he knows everything, when in fact, you’re wrong about 90% of the time, period.

      • Orion78

        Ok I’m starting to think you’re a bot. You say the same crap EVERY time. ”Plain and simple” blah blah blah “nothing beats” blah blah blah “period” blah blah blah. The only thing that doesn’t matter is you……oh yeah period.

      • Cory

        You just love trolling all the tech and android sties don’t you Richard Yarrell. Bashing anything that isn’t Samsung. Harassing people who happen to like something other than Samsung. Samsung must be paying you a lot of money to troll all these sites, Android And Me, Android Police, PhoneDog, YouTube, so on and so forth. You know some people don’t like Samsung in fact a lot of people don’t like Samsung. I myself am one of them. I much prefer HTC. It is an overall better user experience than the Sammy devices I have owned. So stop being a paid Sammy paid troll of a fanboy and let others have their own opinion. Stop being such a twat.

      • Jake H

        Well I am a huge Samsung fan and I love the note devices but damn man, this guy makes me almost embarrassed to admit it. Lol. It’s all about opinion. That’s what’s so great about Android… There’s something for everyone.

  • Tangent

    I’ve been wanting the HTC One since it debuted, and finally got it about a week ago. I haven’t been disappointed in the slightest!

  • Ryan Khun

    For my opinion HTC One Max is the best Android Smart phone in 2013.

  • w9jds

    Like I said in another post. I truly believe that Motorola has innovated some truly remarkable things with the Moto X and think it is the best phone available at the moment. So naturally, That is what I voted for :)

    • Cory

      Moto X is a great device. But the HTC One has stolen my heart.

    • John Snow

      I may know nothing, but Moto wins. I can’t really choose just one. MotoX for the best phone overall for features and innovation, however MotoG deserves accolades for best global phone due to the value proposition.

  • penpen72

    Moto X is the best phone of 2013. I’ve owned a lot of the phones in this voting list and this is by far the best!

    • Curositykilledthecat


  • Greg

    MOTO X is the best hands down.

  • onosmajente

    Sony Xperia is the best in smartphone

  • Blaze

    For me is the Note 3 hands down, I simply cant find any phone with better specs/features than 3 GB RAM, S800 2.3 Ghz, 3200 mAh battery, 32 GB storage + Micro SD slot, S Pen, IR Blaster (remote controller for TV and other electronics), Wireless Charger, 1080p Super Amoled Gorilla Glass Screen, 13MP camera with many unique features, etc. Simply unmatch.

    • Blaze

      After the Note 3 would come the Nexus 5, Moto X and HTC One on that order.

  • Mohafri Mohamed

    HTC ONE Love..

  • Joseph Lai

    NEXUS 5!!

    • clocinnorcal

      Second that.

  • Ardrid

    Tough one for me. I’m torn between the Nexus 5 and the HTC One. In the end I gotta go with the HTC One. The industrial is simply top notch. It has high end hardware and a great camera to go with it. Sense has also evolved to the point where it’s a good skin. I still prefer stock but I’ll take Sense over TouchWiz every time.

  • GE918

    The Galaxy Note 3. Nuff said!

  • Nathan D.

    With my bias (and since I have it) I’m going for HTC one because it hasnt disappointed me yet and made my life whole lot easier.

  • Skis03

    Nexus phones are always my favorite!

  • Topolino

    Nexus 5…best value for your money.

  • Bryan

    You really should have counted the Moto X and the Droids as one device. They are all essentially the same phone with slight variations in specs. Separating them out is like separating out the Nexus 5 into two devices pitting the 16GB and 32GB up against each other.

    Anyway, Motoroogle definitely has the most innovative devices in my opinion with this lineup. Regardless of the results here, that’s where my money is going in about 2 months when I’m set for and upgrade.

    • Nick Gray

      That would have been a bit unfair. While the devices do have the same software features, the design and sizes are completely different. if we grouped the Moto phones as one, we would have to do the same for the HTC One, One mini and One max or combine the GPe editions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 with the standard models.

    • clocinnorcal

      There is a stark difference between the Droids and Moto X, namely the Moto X has already received KitKat and is an almost stock experience.

  • Wesley

    I voted for the Nexus 5 because of the specs, price, updates and the Google Experience Launcher.The GEL makes using Google Now much nicer. However, it’s a close call for me because of what Motorola has done with the Moto X and Moto G. The Moto X has some great added features that seem quite useful. The Moto G has to be considered at it’s own price point as well. I haven’t seen anything that good at the $179 price point so it’s right up there with best. I just wish the Moto G had an NFC chip so it could be a fully featured Android phone once it gets KitKat. Maybe that will be in the next version of the phone.

  • joe

    The lg g2 is the best phone in my opinion because its was the most unique/innovative Phone this has the big 5.2 inch screen but still is about the size of the s4. The only Down falls I’ve seen have been the non expandable memory. 2the non removable battery and the software is the 3rd. But custom Roms are our there for a reason

  • E-man

    I have zero of those electronic devices so my vote would not be valid.

    • Steven

      There was an “Other” option.

  • jamal adam

    This is quite a hard decision to make but I would have to say the HTC One because of its beautiful industrial design, great specs, boomsound, ultrapixel camera and software combo. I’ve really loved what HTC has done with the One and it definitely deserves to be at the top. After the One, my Nexus 5 would come next followed by the Moto X and Note 3. I feel like either one of these can be the best of 2013, they are all just that good.


    My vote went to the Z1.

  • Vincent

    Moto x hands down. Most innovative phone this year by far.

  • orangestrat

    The only thing wrong with the HTC One (particularly the GPE) is that the headphone jack is in the wrong place. Until something comes out with a worthwhile design and a correctly placed jack, I’ll be very happy with mine!

  • sayeed khaledi

    No doubt HTC One is the clear winner and the best smart phone of 2013. But I am very disappointed with the Indian customer service what they are giving… 😞😞😞

  • rauelius

    Lemme guess, everyone is voting for phones they own or want to own.

  • HTCEric31

    I guess my handle gives it away that my vote for best smartphone of 2013 is the HTC One. I got it back in May and have not been disappointed at all. Overall though I believe this has been a great year for Android phones overall. A few others that have impreesed me are the Moto X, Note 3, and Nexus 5. Of the lesser known variety, I am thoroughly entranced by the two Oppo phones (Find5 and N1). Finally, I am intrigued on the comments that plenty of votes went to phones without expandable storage. That’s interesting.

  • Steven

    HTC lost me when they eliminated the MicroSD slot and removable battery.

    Yes, my current phone has both and I do use the MicroSD slot and I have a total of three batteries.

  • snowbdr89

    Any phone with an unlockable boot loader.

  • vivek201

    I just love the fact that Apple is not in the list. AndroidFist!!!

  • tjld

    I honestly picked the moto g due to the fact that it really gives a good android experience at an entry level price. Something I have yet to see elsewhere.

  • Sinthia

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  • Millsy

    HTC One in a word… PREMIUM

  • donger

    Nexus 5 or HTC one.

  • b1acktiger

    I realized that bigger Spec isn’t better. It’s the complete package that makes the deal. Kudos to HTC for the Incredible HTC One. Definitely deserve the No.1 spot

  • LeslySnipes

    HTC One,best in 2013!
    I love it and have it.

  • rintu ravi

    HTC one..quietly brilliant

  • Daya


  • agus

    HTC one is the best smartphone!!

  • Danny

    HTC ONE the best!

  • Abhi


  • rafosky

    Htc One really is the best phone ever…

  • Marc Marche’

    HTC One by far “BABY”

  • Issam Awwad

    HTC faster HTC one the best

  • zio

    HTC One all the way!

  • mehdi

    HTC One :)

  • Bilal Ramadan

    Sony Xperia Z Ultra is the world largest Full HD displays Big screen… Big entertainment ^_^

  • Mithu Randhawa

    Best phn HTC one