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Amazon Appstore $5 credit being given to users that download any app or game


There’s going to be a lot of app sales running in the coming days as developers get in the holiday spirit and try to get owners of newly-gifted hardware to download their wares. Amazon wants to help Android users fill up their existing and new devices, announcing that it will give a $5 credit for its Amazon Appstore to anyone that downloads an app or game using the latest version of the Appstore from now through Dec. 28. The credit can be used for an app, game or in-app purchase.

If you’re interested in snagging that $5 credit (and really, why wouldn’t you be?) but don’t have your eyes on any particular app, it’s worth noting that several devs have slashed the prices of their apps in celebration of the season. EA, Sega and Gameloft have all discounted their apps in Amazon’s Appstore, and the online retailer says that on Dec. 26, it will knock the price of the Office Suite Pro 7 from $14.99 down to just $0.99.

So what happens after you’ve used up your $5 credit? Well, I can tell you that that doesn’t mean that you have to stop downloading. On Dec. 25 and Dec. 26, Amazon will offer two Free App of the Day bundles that pack in several different apps that offer savings of over $50. That’s in addition to the usual Free App of the Day deal that Amazon typically offers. Here’s what the online retailer will be giving away in the coming days:

  • December 23 — Draw a Stickman: EPIC
  • December 24 — Piano Master Christmas Special
  • December 25 — Angry Birds Star Wars II
  • December 26 — Where’s my Perry?
  • December 27 — Quell Memento
  • December 28 — Doodle Farm

With the free app bundles and the free daily apps, there should be plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained without dropping a penny. And hey, with that free $5 Amazon Appstore credit, you can even treat yourself to a nice paid app for being so awesome this year. If you’re done with reading and ready to start shopping, hit up the Amazon Appstore link below and get to downloading.

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Source: Amazon Appstore

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  • Alex

    I just downloaded the free app of the day and got $5. Nice

  • Kevin

    Anyone have suggestions on apps/games to buy for less than $5?

    • Cody

      I recommend buying Terraria and SwiftKey Keyboard.

  • boulo pierre

    how would you know when you receive the 5$

    • Chris

      The moment you download the app, you will receive an email informing you of the app store credit.

      • Zerakis

        Does the balance show up anywhere? I got the email, but i have no clue if ive actually been credited since it says $0 under the giftcard balance, and thats the only place ive seen a balance at.

        • scubabum

          Pick any app in the Amazon App Store, then on the right hand side, select “Redeem a gift card or promotion code & view balance” link. It will show your balances.

  • smeghead68

    Thats what i want to know, how do you know when you have the $5 and how do you use it?

    • Kevin

      When using the Amazon appstore and downloading the FAOTD, I got a notification from the app itself that I received the credit.


    Thanks Amazon. This is much better than giving the movie “Elf” away for free.

  • arnold

    where can i download the apps…tnx

    • arnold

      only for android??! tnx

  • donger

    Free 5 dollar credit, awesome.

  • dan

    I recived the mail that i have 5$ in my account,but when i try do download something I get this.

  • Ryo

    Good thanks

  • Do tri trung

    Thankss happy new years

  • Winston Smith

    It’s a scam. I installed the amazon App Store and downloaded two free Android apps. Then it tried to charge my credit card for the 99 cents app I tried to install. The amazon “customer service” staff acted like he had no clue about the promotion, even when I gave him the full link to the page explaining it.

    If you want to take your chances, and try to get the $5, for ahead, but if you don’t want a hassle, just stick with Google Play.

  • prit

    I had the same question when i downloaded the free app and i didnt see the $5 credit applied anywhere when looking through the app. Talked to the Amazon rep and she said that it won’t show up anywhere saying there is $5 balance, but it will be applied when you buy an app. As long as you get the email from amazon saying you got credited, you should be fine. if you truly want to make sure contact the Amazon rep(just do live chat through the website).

    • scubabum

      The Amazon rep is only half-correct. The $5 credit will be deducted when you purchase an app. If you want to check your balances, pick any app in the Amazon App Store, then on the right hand side, click on “Redeem a gift card or promotion code & view balance” link. It will show your balances.

  • rr2009

    Got it.

  • Đỗ Trí Trung