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Amber Gold HTC One max makes its debut in Taiwan


I hereby decree that 2013 is the year that HTC fell in love with painting. The Taiwanese device maker has been rolling out new colors of its One devices throughout the year, including blue, red and black hues. The latest color to be added to the list is the champagne-like shade of gold found on the HTC One, and now HTC has decided to hit its One max phablet with that same paint brush.

HTC has announced a new Amber Gold version of its One max phablet that features a champagne hue similar to the aforementioned One as well as black plastic accents. Outside of its new Amber Gold duds, this One Max is the same giganto-phone that HTC has been hawking since October. It features a 5.9-inch 1080p display, 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 32GB storage and a 3300mAh battery.

The Amber Gold HTC One max is now available in HTC’s 88 Taiwanese stores, complete with a price tag of NT$23,900 ($797 USD). It’s a pretty classy-looking device, and it’s good to see HTC continue to crank out color options for its new One max, especially after the device only offered in silver for the first couple of months that it was available. Now we wait to find out if any other regions of the globe will get the gold from HTC or if this is one model that’ll be reserved for the company’s homeland.

Source: HTC

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