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Android 4.4.1 update said to include Nexus 5 camera improvements, rollout to begin in coming days


The Nexus 5 has been fairly well-received since its debut. The device was backordered just hours after it launched in the Google Play Store in October, and since then it’s been described as one of the better Android smartphones around thanks to its high-res display, quad-core processor and its $349 starting price. However, one aspect of the device that’s widely thought to be in need of improvement is its camera, and some users over at XDA even went so far as to craft their own flashable package with tweaks to the device’s shooter. They’re not the only ones that’ve been working on making the Nexus 5′s camera better, though, as Google will soon begin rolling out a similar update of its own

A new report from The Verge has revealed that Google has prepared an update to Android 4.4.1 that’s meant to address the Nexus 5′s camera performance. Dave Burke, Director of Engineering for Android at Google, explained that the update is meant to address areas such as autofocus, exposure, white balance, contrast and the load time of the camera app itself.

Google has also added a progress bar for HDR+ Mode that will give users an idea of how much longer it’ll take for their high dynamic range photos to be put together. That’s not the only interface enhancement that Google has planned, Burke added, explaining that the company plans to unearth the settings of the camera app and make them easier to access.

Overall it sounds like this camera-centric update is going to offer some pretty dramatic improvements to the Nexus 5′s shooter. While it may still be unable to hang with some of the best smartphone cameras on the market, the Nexus 5′s camera with the Android 4.4.1 update should be much speedier and could make many owners much more satisfied with their device. The Android 4.4.1 update is expected to begin rolling out in the coming days.

Source: The Verge

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  • Nickedynick

    I assume the enhancements will make their way to other Nexus devices, but so far I’ve seen absolutely zero information regarding this. Anyone know?

  • Ali P

    Anything on Nexus 4? wish it could get better…

    • Colton David Benjamin Walker

      The Nexus 4 was never capable of great shots. The hardware was simply mediocre, AFAIK. My mother has the 4, I have the 5; when the 5 DOES take the shot, it takes a VERY good picture.

      The 4 is okay, but suffers badly in low-light. The main problem with the 5 is the way it handles auto-focus. This update fixes that. I’m not really sure if users of the Nexus 4 will see the benefits of this.

  • Aayush

    WiFi direct is not working in nexus 5….. Am I the only 1 facing this….

  • redraider133

    Good to see they are working to improve the camera. Hopefully this is the transition into the major camera improvements coming with the next version of android.

  • Nate B.

    I’m pretty sure this won’t bring the camera to the level most people want. Just simply improve performance of it, and mainly the slowness.

    • Monsieur Africain

      The camera is already superior To the iPhone 5S camera what more do you want? It won’t be able to compete with the 20.7mp shooter of the Sony Xperia Z1 or the 13 mp shooters of the GS4/Note 3. Higher megapixels do indeed add more detail.

      Watch this review the quality is fine. Don’t believe biased reviews:

    • Monsieur Africain

      I’m looking forward to the update.

  • Josh

    Any idea on a fix for the stock email client? Exchange sync (Push) still doesn’t work!

  • sponjibono

    My n5 camera is working quite nicely but I won’t refuse an upgrade. What I really want is a sound upgrade. I know the hardware is capable because some of my downloaded ringtones are VERY loud. But the software seems to pick and choose it’s own idea of what it thinks is loud enough. Make any sense?

  • sponjibono

    Just for the record, the sound issue is my ONLY gripe. I think the nexus 5 is otherwise phenomenal!

    • kbbbkk

      The sound should be fixed in the new update as well. I read in one of the Google forums that the fix has been completed on Google’s side and they are testing now. This was posted by one of the Google Engineers.

  • ihatefanboys

    I read on another blog that this update would also be rolling out to the GPE version of the HTC ONE. Hope the camera update brings back the snapshot from a video. Also the battery is dying more quickly and the signal while strong fluctuates greatly.

  • clocinnorcal

    Bring on the update, I’m ready!

  • danny

    ‘..and its $349 starting price.’ good for you but in switzerland, for example, you pay $450 for a Nexus 5.

  • sponjibono

    Has anyone seen anything posted by anyone who had already gotten the update? If so, please link it. I’m waiting impatiently for mine and would like to hear about any significant improvement.

  • donger

    Pure awesomeness.