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Galaxy Gear 2 should be coming early next year, possibly at MWC

Samsung Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear isn’t even all that old yet. It came out three months ago, and already there is talk of a successor. Sources claim that the Galaxy Gear 2 will be released sometime early next year, and might even be shown off at MWC. This would give the original Galaxy Gear around a five month life, which is a bit sad.

The Galaxy Gear, with its limited compatibility and features, could have been released as a test product. Then Samsung could continue to develop it through software updates, making it truly ready for the market. This isn’t uncommon, so don’t get all up in arms.

Rumors say that the Galaxy Gear 2 will feature a flexible display, which would help the watch fit better on the wrist. Hopefully this will be paired with some sort of flexible or at least segmented body to help it curve around the wrist.

Samsung may also unveil the Galaxy Band, a health/fitness band that can track heart rate, blood pressure, and more. It’ll presumably be used along with S Health, so you can look forward to that in the future.

Of course, this is all rumor and unverified inside info, so take it with a grain of salt. But we might see a much improved Galaxy Gear smartwatch sometime soon. Do smart watches appeal to you?

Source: SamMobile

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  • donger


    • dave

      So does that silly little weeny mobile you drive.

  • GE918

    It would be nice if they lowered the price on the Gear.

  • rr2009

    Is this going to be another unfinished product?

  • James Donnelly

    While I think that the galaxy gear (or smart watches is general that is), are a great idea, they seem to need some refinement in the capabilities and functionality. I’ve always been a bit of a tech junky so of course the gear appeals to me; although, my wife thinks it is just too nerdy. I agree with a previous poster though that the $300 price tag is a little steep. I’m sure this will come down as the technology becomes more refined and competition in the smart watch market builds.

  • ernesto garcia

    Gear works great I’ve had mine for about a month and it seems like everyone who ACTUALLY owns one loves it. It’s an extension of my phone.. fills it’s role well. And I haven’t used another watch since.

    • Sean Riley

      Out of curiosity do you find yourself using the camera or the ability to answer the phone on the Gear very often?

  • Patrick Degreef

    Because the Samsung Gear iWatch only works via bluetooth connection with the Samsung Smart Phone, you would be lost as well if he would loose or forget your cell phone or the battery runs down, unless you would have a totaly independent Sim-card based smart watch, like the M’iWatch Vintage:

    This is why real smart guys and girls use the M’iWatch smart watch!

  • Drake

    Hopefully this Samsung smartwatch will be a huge improvement over the Galaxy Gear, as it was a rushed product that managed to disappoint most customers

  • Drake Johncock

    Hopefully this Gear will live up to the hype, unlike the previous one which was a massive disappointment on many levels

  • rob ford

    Do you smoke crack?