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Gmail to start automatically displaying images, coming to Android early 2014


Do you not like that Gmail doesn’t automatically display images in emails? You have to manually allow Gmail to show photos from each sender, which can get quite annoying. But it’s for your protection, as embedded images can be dangerous. But no longer! Gmail will start automatically displaying images on desktop starting today!

To prevent any security issues from fishy embedded photos, Google will now host all embedded photos from emails on its own servers and check them for viruses or security threats. This will make your life easier and safer, a win/win for all of us. But if you like approving images being displayed, that option is still available.

This new feature will be rolling out to desktop users starting today, so you should see it very soon. However, it won’t come to mobile devices until early 2014, so Gmail for Android users will have to wait a while. Still, it’s a great improvement that you should look forward to. Would you prefer approving images or letting them load automatically? Tell us in the comments!

Via: The Verge

Source: Google

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  • GE918

    I’m glad we will still have the option to not open pictures.

  • Glenn Berkshier

    One of the main reasons why most people would not want images to automatically be displayed is to keep spammers from using email inline images as a way to determine what email addresses are actually looking at their email. If Google is going to take that away from the spammers and make the email retrieve the email image from their own servers instead of going back to some spam house back-end server, I am all for it. However, legitimate email marketing companies will not like this because it will take tracking capabilities away from them and thus, to the customers that use their services (Constant Contact, etc…). It’s a double-edged sword, as usual.

    • Dan

      Yes, image tracking is a legit concern and it’s why I prefer not to display images. If Gmail’s new policy can thwart tracking, then I’m all for it. Email marketers be damned.

    • sith-wookie

      Nigeria connection already popped the bottles, they will have a field day…

  • thymeless

    I don’t open pictures by default. Nor do I view HTML email. Raw text is my preference and it eliminates much of the spam issues such as testing which addresses have loaded a picture and so on.

  • DiscipleGeek

    There are things in this world you can’t un-see. I’d rather have control over whether I’m taking that chance.

  • Mama kamena

    it is cool.

  • Richard

    I prefer images not be loaded by default, primarily on mobile for bandwidth concerns. If I can eliminate images from an email, I can reduce the bandwidth overhead of that message by up to 500% or more at times. Glad they’ll leave the option to keep them disabled.

  • donger

    About time.