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Go caroling with Google Now


Going caroling on Christmas is a dying activity, but the carols themselves won’t be going anywhere. Google wants to get you into the holiday spirit by giving you the music to a few popular carols, along with the lyrics so you can sing over the music. Simply search “let’s go caroling” in Google Search and it will give you the list of carols.

It’s nice to see Google adding such fun little things to Google Now, just to make it a better experience. Give it a try yourself, maybe go out caroling in your neighborhood if you’re really in the holiday spirit. And most of all, enjoy!

Google Now Christmas Carol

Via: Phandroid

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  • Allan Beaudry

    Even more fun on the nexus 5 where you get to say say ‘Okay Google!, Lets go caroling!”

    • Mark

      My DNA with 4.2.2 let’s you do that, too.

      • Timo

        My Moto X does, too!

  • GE918

    So does my Note 3!

  • donger

    Pretty sweet.

  • Kyle