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Google adds two new Auto Awesome effects to Google+ in time for Christmas

google plus

Auto Awesome is a very under-appreciated feature, mostly because it’s part of Google+. I don’t often use Google+ myself, but I love Auto Awesome. It really improves photos quite well, and the HTC Zoe-like video editing feature is useful, too. However, to celebrate the Christmas spirit, Google has added two new photo effects to Auto Awesome for you to use.

These Christmas themed effects turn your photos into animated GIFs. One adds a twinkle to all of your lights, great for use on a photo of a Christmas tree. The other adds falling snow over the photo. Neither of these effects are exclusive to Christmas, but what better time to introduce them?

Google Plus Auto Awesome Christmas 1

Google Plus Auto Awesome Christmas 2

It’s really a shame these effects aren’t built into Android itself, so they can be used on any social network. Do you use Google+? Leave a comment, and if you do, go try these effects out for yourself!

Via: Pocket Now

Source: +Google

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  • Andrew

    > It’s really a shame these effects aren’t built into Android itself, so they can be used on any social network.

    I’m guessing that’s the idea, to try and bring up the adoption rate of G+ by adding unique features.

  • SGB101

    The stuff g+ does is awesome.

    There isn’t much to dislike, and the circles keep my feeds clean with only stuff I want to see.

    I use it for mainly tech, but it can cater for anyone’s interests, I view g+ in a way to follow interests, and fb to keep in touch with old school/colleges.

    • BillyAndy3

      Same here. FB is for friends and fam while G+ is for my interests, mainly tech stuff.

  • wgpeter

    I kinda like what they have done. It has made a few of my pictures into some cool looking gif’s. It would be great if you could use it on the phone or tablet but to be honest, I haven’t even checked or tried to see if it would work.

    As for using G+, I wish Android and me would post more on it. I love your articles but I get most of what I look at through G+. It keeps everything and everyone in their tight little circles and I don’t have to worry about what someone ate for dinner.

    • Dima Aryeh

      Android and Me posts all of our articles to Google+!

  • Jennifer Lewis

    I would love to use to new features… Dont see how to use.

    • SGB101

      just upload to g+ it does the rest for you.

      • Alexis

        I don’t see how to do it either. I have tons of photos and get the automatic GIFs, but don’t see how to add snow? Whatever.

  • Alexis

    I see, you have to have snow in your picture for the effect to happen. Too bad I live in Florida, which is why I wanted to add snow!

    • SGB101

      Lol, wish I lived in Florida, cold wet and wetter where I am :o(

    • Brian Magee

      You don’t need to have snow in your picture I managed to add the snow effect to a couple of pictures that don’t have snow however now for some reason the shake phone to add snow effect no longer works on my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and if anyone can help me out with this it would be appreciated maybe in settings or something
      please send me info about this to [email protected] thanks guys

  • Bill

    Found out yesterday about these after taking a photo of a friend out in the snow, and then viewing it on G+. Made me laugh.

  • donger


  • liz

    can you add it on photos you want? it added the twinkle to not great photos but the ones where my kids are actually looking at the camera didn’t add it … been looking forever to find a way to add it myself …

  • Richard

    I took a picture of a toy Christmas village and it added the snow falling. It looked great! Surprised me since I hadn’t heard of the feature.

  • jj


    • Brian Magee

      I wish I could get mines to work again I had it working for a while and didn’t need to have snow in the background just a picture of me and a green hillside standing next to a van and it worked fine by now when I try to do it again with any other picture including the one it worked with before it doesn’t work any more at all.
      Does anyone have any ideas as to what has gone wrong and how to fix it so that it does work again please. Thanks in advance for any help offered.