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Google Glass gets Play Music access, new stereo earphones

Google Glass Stereo Earphones

Google Glass is subject to constant updates, making it better and more useful every time. With the latest update, Google Glass gets a new Google Play Music app. It’s simple to use. Just say “Ok Glass, listen to” a song or artist and it starts playing. It’s an MP3 player that is already on your face, so why not use it for music?

To go along with this new app, Google has released a set of stereo earphones for Google Glass. They retail for $85, so they should be pretty decent quality, though we can’t be sure until we give them a listen. Either way, they should satisfy the general population’s need for music. Of course, you can also use a mono earphone, but we can’t imagine why you’d do so.

This is a pretty useful feature, considering you have an audio and internet capable device on your face. There is no need for a cord running to your pocket to be caught on things, because we’ve all experienced that pain. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many Google Glass users to tell us how they like this new feature. Do you have Google Glass? Are you going to pick up a set of these earphones? Leave a comment!

Source: Droid-Life

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  • w9jds

    I quite like it! the only thing that I don’t like are the earbuds. I want to get a pair but they are to expensive for what they are in my honest opinion.

    Love my glass :)

    • Jack Robinson

      We’ll google are expensive and if I were you I would go and bye a cheaper pare from a different company and see if they work. I do like google but their not cheap.

  • Jess Blanchard

    I want Google Glass programmable air fresheners and flavor changing gum and a head massager. I want my entire face/head area to be taken care of by Google Glass.

    • renyo

      Probably end up looking like Daftpunk…

  • Kyle Chase

    I love the new music app. It even integrates nicely with All Access. Bummer on the headphones, but Ill probably still pick some up.

  • Angelo

    Yep swooping old glass for new and buying buds!

  • Jack Robinson

    Hello everyone I want to bye google glasses but I don’t know how much they cost please tell me.