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Google removes Gallery app from new Google Play edition devices, must use Photos instead

Android KitKat Nexus 7

The Nexus 5 launched with KitKat, which brought many improvements to Android. One of the improvements was an upgraded, powerful photo editor in the Gallery app. But strangely, the Nexus 5 launched with two Gallery apps: the stock Gallery and the Google+ Photos app. The Photos app offers editing as well, but it’s nowhere near as powerful or useful.

Imagine our surprise in finding that the newly launched Google Play edition devices, the LG G Pad 8.3 GPe and the Sony Z Ultra GPe, no longer have the Gallery app installed. The only way to access photos on those devices is through the Photos app.

So why would Google put all that work into a more powerful Gallery app, only to get rid of it in the new devices? The best bet is that Google is planning a huge update for the Photos app through the Play Store, adding everything it learned from the Gallery to make it equally as powerful, but with a social twist.

Google definitely has plans for the Photos app, but in the meantime, owners of the new GPe devices will lose out on some of the new Gallery editing features. Not a huge loss, especially when you can download Google’s own Snapseed editing app, but it’s interesting nonetheless to see into Google’s plans just from one removed app. What are your thoughts on the situation?

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  • Mrwirez

    Unbelievable.. another Gapp bites the dust…. Google (and Android for that matter) are losing me with full-on-assault with Google+…. I fracking hate social media and the killing off of all the google apps I use, just for the sake of neb-shittn’ around on Google+ accounts. My Gnex on VZW is up on the 15th and I am considering a Windows Phone.. not kidding.

    • clocinnorcal

      I am equally unsatisfied by the systematic “killing-off” of the native android apps for social-media driven ones. I don’t want to use G+ photos as my primary gallery app, I just don’t want it. Thankfully, after the 4.4.2 update, I still have my gallery app; however, now when swiping left from the camera it takes me to the G+ photos…GRRRRR.

      • Leslie

        Do you have any idea how to disable the Photos app from being the primary one? I want Gallery to be there when I swipe left from my camera, open a picture from my widgets, etc.

    • ihatefanboys

      Gallery is not really a “gApp” its a stock photo viewer. You just sound silly by saying you’re gonna get a Windows phone, good luck. If you think Google is bad with G+ just wait till you have to Bing-everything. The photos App, while part of G+ is still a photo viewer, just like Gallery.

      • Mrwirez

        Now you are being silly… Its not the stupid gallery. It’s Talk, messaging, voice (next), reader, etc. Google killed 9 apps this year alone, most of which I used, all in the name of their bastard child, Google+. Don’t even suggest that Google isn’t forcing G+ on us. Hell, you can’t even rate an app in the Play Store that we paid for without turning over every shread of personal data to Google. It’s pretty sickening to me, and I’ve pretty much had it with Google. I must have deleted my G+ account 5 times already.. There is nothing silly about it. .
        Man I hate apologists.

        • ihatefanboys

          So go get a windows phone, then all the poor souls on Windows forums will have to hear you bitch about how much you hate Windows, forcing you to use Internet Explorer and Bing. Please, get over your “personal data” bullshit. If you were so concerned with your personal data on the grid you wouldnt be on the internet at all bitching about anything.

          • RevSpaminator

            Yeah, how dare you expect to enjoy all the wonderful advances in technology without giving up any expectation of privacy or liberty for that matter. What kind of godless communist would expect to walk around without corporations and governments spying on them 7×24.

        • ihatefanboys

          I have faith in Google. They are, like the author said, probably going to bake all the new features of the Gallery App into the Photos App at some point soon. If you dont like it, get a different phone, itll just have different things for a whiny, unenlightened person to complain about. As for the morons worried about “privacy” all you have to do is turn off the Auto Backup on G+ and your pictures wont sync, its simple, its easy, something that someone just wanting to complain to the masses conveniently cant figure out.

        • ihatefanboys

          BTW what personal data do you have to give to rate an app ? Your name ? OMG thats too much. I bet you dont like the new YouTube comments either.

          • RevSpaminator

            Actually, I don’t. It’s the oldest rule in the book. Don’t use a real name, unless you want to open yourself up to harassment, stalking or worse. Privacy and anonymity are not just a unrealistic expectation but, by the standards of our forefathers, a human right and key to freedom of expression and freedom of thought. (You do believe in freedom of thought, don’t you?)

        • KzD


          You sir are an idiot for thinking that Talk, Voice and Messaging are better as individual apps than Hangouts. Pure lolz right here. Get lost to Windows and Bing.

    • RevSpaminator

      I have to agree. I’m sick and tired of Google trying to ram social media down everyone’s throat. I don’t use G+,Facebook or even an old forgotten MySpace account. The last time I was “social” online was when I ran a Citadel BBS back in the ’80s. (1200 baud was cool!)

      I’m seriously considering reloading my devices with Ubuntu Phone.

  • g2

    why o why?
    Need your Help!
    Here’s my humble entry. :)
    Watch and LIKE please.
    Thank You Android Family. :)

  • Eduardo

    If this means all my photos will have to be stored in and synced with G+, then I’m holding my very last Android smartphone. Call me old-fashioned but after Google saying users must make concessions in privacy when it comes to Gmail, then I do NOT want them to get their paws on my pics. I simply assume Google would have full access to them and that is out of the question. Every day I see less advantages in owning a smartphone. Maybe it’s time to have my Siemens M35 brought back to life.

    • Suhas

      I dont think u HAVE to sync pics on G+ for the photos to work. There is an option under G+ to remove the sync. The Google photos app will just show all the photos on ur device thats all.

      • ihatefanboys

        Thanks ! You are correct, its simple, and its common sense, but you know what they say about common sense, lol.

  • Eduardo

    I meant:
    “after Google saying users must make concessions in privacy when it comes to Gmail, I definitely do NOT want them to get their paws on my pics”.

  • DroidSamurai

    That would save my wife’s Galaxy Note 3 from TouchWiz UX Hell. Please, Google God, put the dialer and contact app up to the Play Store as well.

  • asliana


  • SGB101

    I am liking what they are doing with the g+ photos ‘awsome’ stuff, but ad a long time picasa user I’m frearimg for its future. I like the sharing in picasa, which is all missing from g+.

    I can see why they are doing in, they are making g+ the hub of Android, and think if don correct I will be beneficial, but trying to please everyone will end up easing no one.

    • RevSpaminator

      Forcing G+ on everyone is just Google’s way of trying to rescue an otherwise failed attempt at competing with Facebook. They can keep it for all I care.

      • SGB101

        G+ is a great place, full of people discussing interesting stuff, unlike fb.

        I do agree they seemed to flipped g+ from facbook competitor into something new. But I like the way it’s integrating the phone to the desktop and acting as a digital locker for the phone.

        Plus no one is facing g+ on you, you don’t have to use use it. Android is very flexible and you can choose to roll your own

  • donger


  • nexus fan boy

    Actually gallery app and camera app is the same app with two app launchers. Did they just delete all the gallery coding or they just add camera coding to photos app? When swiping from the right side if we are launching a new app the animation would not be smooth if there are two separate apps.

    It might sound stupid but I thought that nexus 5 is not pure android anymore. It has some skin/exclusive app preinstalled like Google launcher, photosphere, and photo editing unlike Google play edition which has pure android with tons of Google apps.

  • clocinnorcal

    This comment should be flagged and/or deleted.

  • ihatefanboys

    Why ?

  • clocinnorcal