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Google search updated with option to open apps with relevant results

Google Search

Do you consider yourself a heavy Googler? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear about a couple of Google search updates that are rolling out today.

The Big G has announced that users searching for a piece of information can now be presented with links to open up an app that contains the relevant info. For example, someone searching for Michael J. Fox may be given the option of opening up the IMDb app to learn more about the actor. It’s worth noting, though, that an app will need support for the “Open in app” feature baked into it to appear in search results. The list of apps that currently support it include IMDb, Newegg, OpenTable and Wikipedia.

Google search can also help users to find apps related to a particular topic that they haven’t yet installed. Performing a search for “fantasy football apps” will present a list of apps available in the Google Play Store, complete with links to the app pages and their download links.

Today’s Google search updates sound like they ought to make it easier and quicker for users to find the relevant information that they’re hunting for, whether that’s on the web or in an app, and I think that that’s something that we can all get behind. The improved app integration is now rolling out as part of an update to the Google Search app for Android and in the Chrome and Android browsers. For more info on the updates and how developers can add support for these features to their apps, just slide your cursor down to the Google links below and get to clickin’.

Via: Engadget
Source: Google Inside Search blog, Google Support, Google Play

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