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HTC DROID DNA updating to 4.2.2 now, 4.4 coming in Q1 2014


The HTC DROID DNA may be quite “old” by this point, by technology standards anyway, but we’re happy to learn that it hasn’t been abandoned. Staying on Android 4.1 since launch without a major update, it deserves this one. The DROID DNA is now being updated to 4.2.2. Even though it’s not a very new version of Android, it’s getting Sense 5 along with a ton of changes an enhancements. It should please owners anyway.

In the update, you’ll find many features from the newer HTC One. There is Blinkfeed, a new Gallery, Zoe video clip highlights, a new dialer, quick settings similar to those in AOSP and a bunch of bug fixes. It’s a pretty huge update partially overhauling the device.

But if 4.2 is simply not good enough for you, HTC has you covered. The company says that it plans to update the DROID DNA to Android 4.4 KitKat by the end of Q1 of 2014, if Verizon certification allows for it.


If you’re the owner of the DROID DNA, once the flagship of HTC’s lineup, this is something you should definitely look forward to. It’ll be a whole new phone by the end of it. And rest assured that KitKat is coming as well. Are you satisfied with Jelly Bean 4.2.2 just now coming out, or do you think HTC should have done better with a phone that is no longer the flagship? Leave a comment!

Source: HTC Source, Droid-Life

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  • Andrew DIMascio

    I can’t be upset with HTC at this point for possibly being too open with their updates and then get bit in the arse by Verizon. They’ve always got the short end of that stick. Keep them coming and I may not ditch the two of them the time my droid dna upgrade is due.

  • sayeed khaledi

    HTC Indian customer service reuined my life… I own a HTC one and they haven’t provided me the proper resolution even after keeping the device with them for almost 2 months.. still has the same issues wat I was facing earlier.. if the same continuous I am sure that in future no one would prefer HTC..😞

  • Erik J.

    Thanks for the tip! On the DNA you can manually search to see if Verizon has any updates, so I’m downloading 4.2.2 as I type :) the 4.4 news is just icing – but I’ll believe it when it’s available for download (I know VZ’s track record on Android updates for HTC devices hasn’t been stellar or timely).

    • Mark

      I just checked via the phone and no update available yet.

    • pradeep killi

      hi ERIK,
      i am using verizon htc droid dna in india unlocked mobile.but i am not able to getting the software iam using indian mobile carrier.i want recent updates for my mobile.
      please help me out from this issue.i tried through wifi in cdma mode but i didint get..if u have any idea please let me know.thank you

  • jp

    I just got the update I like what I see and can do so far!!! It’s about time Verizon and HTC for the update smh

  • Zeb Yoko

    Hopefully they stick with it, I like my device, but I’m sick of being jerked around as to what, if any updates, I’ll be getting!

  • Leroijay

    Forget waiting around for Big Red(tape) to approve an update. I rooted my device and leap frogged 4.2 and went straight to 4.3. With CyanogenMod doing amazing work I’m running a stable 4.3. I’m not on KitKat yet but it’s almost a guarantee that CM 11 will arrive before Verizon approves it.

  • Erik L

    /// Nice Touch \\\ Enhancements are visibly noticeable during scrolling operations.

  • Guest

    The DNA should be on 4.3, period. 4.4 will never come to this phone, mark my words. Too many broken promises from the HTC / Verizon combination. Don’t believe it for a second.

    • The truth

      Eat your words bizzle..

  • Austin Bishop

    I still didn’t get the update :(

    • Guest

      Have only gotten the first of the two updates. The first one does basically nothing noticeable. Come on VZW, hurry the F up

  • Austin Bishop

    I’m starting to get pissed I didn’t even get the first one yet!!

  • Guest

    As everyone already knows HTC has been in a downward spiral financially. Hopefully they are I in the process of reinventing themselves customer service/device updates wise. Verizon – now that’s a whole different story. Device updates are a roll of the dice with them. I’m rooting for you HTC…!

  • Paul

    The update is Awesome! Thanks HTC and Verizon. Can’t wait for KitKat to arrive! I am glad HTC is showing love for us DNA owners….many who upgraded from the Thunderbolt!

  • gig

    WTF give me my update!!! Lol

  • redraider133

    Good to see HTC coming through with the update. It’s not 4.4, but it is a “hold-over” until 4.4 is released to the DNA.

  • bellken

    The update is fine. My wireless evens stays connected, now.

  • carlos

    esta actualizacion solo esta disponible para usuarios de verizon si tienes un dna y no eres de verizon no reciviras la actualizacion

  • carlos

    This upgrade is only available for users if you have a dna verizon and verizon are not not recive the update if anyone knows how to fix this let me know

    • Christopher Zube

      Try this because it has worked for me. If you already have the 4.2.2 upgrade then it won’t update any further till HTC brings it in the end of q1. If your still stuck on 4.1 then try this. First go to settings-about-software update and in the right hand top corner check the update through wireless internet. Then take the SIM card out of the phone. Now make sure you are connected to WiFi. Now go to settings-mobile data- and check cdma/lte. Then go to settings-software update- check new. You may or may not get it but it worked for me

  • monique

    I got it and I LOVE it. It didn’t come to my phone automatically, so I ‘checked new’ and it first downloaded a small update which just gets it ready to accept the huge jellybean and sense 5 update. Just a note…don’t update until your on WiFi. It took over 2 hours by the time all was done. It’s like a new phone!

  • Micah Wallet

    Just got my update today. Like I have a new phone. The specs still compete with newer phones in my opinion, so now I can delay getting something new.

  • Right Truth

    My Droid DNA will not ‘check for new updates’. I go to “setings”, then “software update”, then “status” or “check new”, but nothing happens, no pop up, nothing. My husband has the same phone, he updated yesterday.

  • Steve

    How the hell did you root your DNA? I’ve done my research and cannot find a way to do it.

  • donger

    Good to see this update.

    • Rob


  • brock

    My Qi charger won’t work properly with my DNA thanks to the Sense 5.0 update. When I set the phone on the charging pad, the battery symbol flashes CONSTANTANTLY, for hours on end (this does not happen with wired charging). Then, after 9 consecutive hours of charging on the pad, the battery went from 47% to 52%. PLEASE FIX THE BUG, HTC.

    • derrek

      I’ve got the same problem with wireless charging after the update. It will charge with the phone on, but if I turn it off and charge.. it won’t.

  • Nate

    I recently did the update to 4.2.2 and sense 5, now I noticed my battery life has significantly dropped. Before I could easily go a day and half before charging. Now I’m lucky to get 7 hours. If we get the 4.4 update on the DNA, will this help with battery life? Anyone have any speculations?

  • LA

    I can’t stand these “upgrades”. The features have completely changed, it’s like having a different phone. If I had wanted a different phone, I would have purchased a different phone. The most annoying changes are the edit options on the camera. I can no longer make adjustments as I desire, I have to select from pre-programmed options (none of which are desirable to me). I’ve been a droid fan for years, but I may walk away after this

  • brock29609

    If you enable fast boot under the power settings, the DNA will charge on a wireless Qi pad when the phone is off. Hopefully they’ll fix the bug soon. Notify HTC of this problem
    I did.

  • kenny

    The battery issue may be solved by doing factory reset . I had the same issue with my old Droid Bionic . Havent noticed any difference with my DNA

  • Rob

    The update to 4.2.2 made the phone less user friendly and klunky. The new Sense feature is good for some but not something I plan to use. With that said, the interface looks worse and some of the features do not work as well. I have been talking with a rep at HTC and there has been no mention of 4.4. If they do upgrade to 4.4 I sure hope they undo some of the things they did to this phone. I would like to gop back to the previous version but Verizon and HTC will not allow it. the funny part is when I contact verizon they say HTC won’t allow it and when I contact HTC they say it’s due to Verizons system. If I wasn’t locked into a plan I would be looking for a different carrier and phone (non-HTC).

    I am having issues with the Bluetooth interface which I never had before. It has locked up and I had to reboot the phone to get it to work again.

    HTC has made me regret the purchase of this phone.

  • Susan Saechao

    I haven’t got my update. I’ve been checking it for months now. Is there something wrong with my phone? What do I do?

  • pradeep

    hii me out from this…i am having htc droid dna by verizon…i unlocked the mobile…now i am using this mobile in INDIA witha an carrier vodafone..every is fine but i didnt get the software updates..i am trying in CDMA mode also but nothing is coming..plz suggest me to get the updates for my phoe…thanks in advance