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Jolla wants to make Sailfish OS available for installation on Android devices


One of the things that Android is known for is its community of hackers and tinkerers. Those users are the ones that are constantly tweaking the look of their phone by doing things like adding a new boot animation, using third-party launchers and lock screens or even installing a custom ROM. Soon the members of that group may have an entirely new operating system to play with, as Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki has revealed that his company is planning to make its new Sailfish OS available to install on existing Android hardware.

Pienimäki recently explained to Finnish site Talouselämä that Jolla is a “device business and an OS business” and that it wants to distribute its Sailfish OS as widely as possible. The MeeGo-based OS is already compatible with Android apps, and Pienimäki says that it’s “fairly easy” to install Sailfish itself onto Android devices. Pienimäki sees this as a quick and easy way to help spread Sailfish, using websites that already distribute ROMs to post Sailfish software as well.

Another upside to this distribution, Pienimäki says, is that the users already know what they’re doing when it comes to installing custom software. The exec claims that while custom ROM installation isn’t big in Finland, nearly half of smartphone buyers in China are upgrading their older Android devices with a newer version of the OS. Since those users already have experience in tinkering with Android and other software, Jolla wouldn’t need to teach them how to get Sailfish OS up and running on existing Android devices. Instead, it would just need to distribute the software and make sure that it actually runs on different Android hardware.

Pienimäki didn’t dive into the details of Jolla’s plan to distribute Sailfish OS for installation on Android products. Right now it sounds like the strategy is still in its early stages, like Jolla and Sailfish itself, but it’s a pretty interesting idea that could help to grow awareness of the platform and get it in the hands of users that otherwise wouldn’t have given it a shot. Pienimäki did say that since Jolla won’t get money by selling Sailfish, the company needs to add things to the platform to create a viable business model. He suggested applications, services and advertising as possible ways to generate revenue.

What do you think of Jolla’s plans? Would you install Sailfish OS onto your Android phone?

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Source: Talouselämä

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  • nazmulbd

    Yes…definitely I will try on my i9500 if available.

    • Zoltan Borbely


  • Fahad

    I would definitely give it a shot, it looked really interesting but it wasn’t interesting enough for me to go out and buy the phone, but if I can install it on a Nexus 4 i’m all about it.

  • yowanvista

    Another Android copycat? No thanks

    • NotRelevant

      Sailfish is about as far away from Android as you can get while still being compatible with Android devices.

      Android copycat? Not even close.

    • You Don’t Have To Know

      You people see a phone with a rectangular shape, and has rows of apps as automatically being a copy of your preferred operating system… The world would be better if people were open to trying new things before they automatically think it’s terrible..

  • da9el

    i would give it a try just to see how it is.

  • CTown

    Jolla is Mer based. The difference between Mer and Meego is that Mer is a community Linux distribution that is meant to be used for mobile; whereas Meego is a dead project that was owned by Intel and Nokia.

    Other Mer based projects include Plasma Active (the KDE Plasma Desktop for tablets), Improv (a board made by the KDE developers that lets one switch its SOC), and Hemera (embbedded Linux platform). The best part of Mer is that its main GUI Toolkit is Qt which is becoming more open all the time.

    Plasma Active:

    Best part of the Nexus: It’s the most open device that is massed produced. Not only that since the Nexus 4, the Nexus line seems to use the most current SOC at the time of its release. Plus, the quick Android updates don’t hurt. Thus, the Nexus line is the best if you like ALL opensource software — no matter the vendor or its popularity!

  • David Kelly-Durrant

    I would like to see it 1st hand being a Symbian lover but now Androiding via a Note ll.

  • mr 1338

    Similar as what Xiaomi did/does with MIUI,
    great ROM with many users, then Phones that ship with MIUI and sell well

  • E-man

    I’m intrigued by this.

  • Stella

    This looks interesting enough for me to flash to one of my phones to give it a spin.

  • damambt

    More options is why Android handsets are becoming more and more appealing. Im still waiting on a stable and usable version of Ubuntu Mobile OS for the NEXUS 4. Other than that, I dont mind flashing this just to see what the big fuss is about.

  • varun

    Is is capable wit xperia sp??????

  • Hector

    Tengo un s3 ,un s4 ,un lg optimus g ,y un iphone 5s sin contar los viejos. Para hacer pruebas ,mi pregunta es la siguiente suponiendo que sacan el os ,podremos usar multiventana ? Y algunas pijaditas de cada diapositivo .?¿? Que opinais ?

  • rpasea

    Would love to try this on my Pre3….

  • Oracle of Oracle

    Waiting for the inevitable htc HD2 port….

  • Mascot

    This sounds like it could be going the way of the CyanogenMod Installer Beta project. They made a pc program and companion app that makes installing their OS relatively simple. If they could broaden compatibility especially with low power older devices that won’t other wise see an update they could make quite a dent in the market.

  • donger


  • Mark Osborne

    I sent an e-mail to [email protected] just yesterday asking if and when and how! Also if a live type or simulator version will be out there a sort of try before you buy scenario from USB or MicroSD would be cool and good.


  • Lucas

    Wait for samsung galaxy W

  • tkarel

    This looks like a good thing for the development community, but as a person who uses more than tinkers I’m not feeling it. Without a clear benefit to switching, I’ll stay w/ the platform I know and spend my “tinkering time” trying to get more from a paradigm I understand.

  • Karen Lee

    If it’s available, I am willing to install it on my Samsung S4 to see how it is.

  • anand

    I would love to have dual boot. Android and jolla

  • jabran

    Definetely would love to install this OS by the pictures it seems really clean and fresh. I bought a Nexus 4 for these kind of purposes! To install ROMS and different mobile OS’s!!! Excited for it hope it gets released around the holidiays.

  • Eddie

    Can’t wait to try this out.

  • icase

    Would love to try it. Wondering if the jolla os can support dual sim?

  • johann

    i install and test but i never change andoid os because i like his interface, functions and posibilities.

  • BBBB

    Wow! That’s cool. I want to try it! Include other brands – like HTC & Sony too!