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Judge says HTC One follow-up likely due in early 2014


The One has been a pretty big deal for HTC in 2013, selling millions of units, spawning miniature and mega-sized variants and getting re-released in several colors. Because of the One’s flagship status, it’s fairly likely that we’ll see Peter Chou and Co. churn out a follow-up at some point in the future. No one knows for sure yet when that’ll be, but today a U.K. judge may have given us a possible timeframe to look forward to.

In his ruling of the HTC One mini ban that we told you about earlier today, Judge Richard Arnold says that “HTC is close to launching the successor flagship model to the HTC One.” The judge goes on to explain that as part of its evidence against HTC, Nokia said that the Taiwanese firm is planning to launch its One follow-up in early 2014, possibly as early as February. HTC did nothing to argue against this claim.

Many manufacturers in the mobile space have adopted a yearly refresh cycle for their flagship products, and because the HTC One originally debuted back in February, it wouldn’t be a shock to see its follow-up emerge early in 2014. While the details provided by today’s ruling don’t guarantee that HTC is eyeing a February or March debut for its next flagship, they do seem to add a bit of support to the theory that the next One will debut in that timeframe.

What features do you hope to see included with the next version of the HTC One?

Via: BBC News

Source: England and Wales High Court Decisions

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  • Galen20K

    This is the Phone I’ve been waiting for to replace my htc One. Kinda glad I passed on the Nexus 5, even tho I’m still loving the heck outta’ my Nexus 4/Nexus 7(2013).

  • cGmC11

    5.5″ frameless 2560×1600 screen, microSD in the same tray of nanoSIM.

  • Alex

    The frameless design sounds great! 5.5 is pushing it though. I like the size it currently. One thing I hope they fix is the heat the phone produces.

    Also having the power button on the top right instead of top left.

  • davix0

    wireless charging would be great i dont like the buttons of the original one they were flush with body and volume up/down are hard to press

  • Bil

    13 mp camera

  • redraider133

    I hope they can bring it to all carriers again, and this time without a huge wait in between certain carriers. The one was a great phone and a step in the right direction to get HTC back where they need to be. Can’t wait to see what the One follow up brings.

  • Harold Goldner

    Removable battery, removable memory, better camera. Who did they tink they were kidding with that “ultra” pixel nonsense?

  • Ben

    SD expansion slot. The trend sees to be moving away from this but so far I’ve shot down 4 phones for updating purposes because of the lack of this feature.

  • rustic

    Mini version with maximum 4.5 screen and high specs of at least 720p screen, 32 GB. Snapdragon 800, 2,300 battery.
    Because if I see huge over 5 inch main device, and its mini version with less than that, I swear to Shiva, I’ll buy an iphone and see you all in hell.

  • Victoria

    13-16MP camera, enough with this ultrapixel crap. A 3200 (minimum) mAh battery would be nice! AT LEAST 2 GB of RAM, but of course more would be nice. The option to purchase it in white; and finally, the option to TURN OFF the blink feed! I hate it.