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Judge sides with Nokia – HTC One mini banned in UK for patent violations


British Judge Richard Arnold has ruled that the HTC One mini does infringe on several of Nokia’s patents. The ruling was accompanied by a sale ban on the HTC One mini which goes into effect on December 6. Judge Arnold’s ruling also cited the HTC One for containing the same patent infringing microchips as the HTC One mini, but chose not to impose a ban on HTC’s flagship product since such action would cause “considerable” damage to HTC due to its recent financial woes. The injunction of the HTC One will be postponed until HTC has the opportunity to appeal the ruling.

Nokia used these same patents to sue Apple, forcing a settlement agreement which led to a patent licensing deal. If HTC’s patent appeal is not successful, it will most likely find a way to settle the issue with Nokia by licensing the patents, allowing HTC to continue selling the One and the One mini in the UK.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • SGB101

    Makes no sense to ban one but not the other. I don’t know the numbers, but if anything like samsung, they will shift more of the cheaper modules and make larger margins on them too.

    • Sean Riley

      It’s because the stakes are different for the two devices, banning the One is a much greater hardship for HTC so the standard required to place a ban on it is going to be higher.

      • SGB101

        Why is it? If they make more profit from the larger number of minis over the smaller sales of the one, doesn’t that impact them more?

        Thy will strike a licence deal before the weeks out anyway

        • Nick Gray

          HTC will actually wait to appeal. The HTC One mini may be cheaper, but it is not as popular as the HTC One. HTC has been successful at appealing rulings like this in the past. Once they make a deal with Nokia, they will need to pay a licensing fee for every device that they sell which includes the patented technology until the patent expires. If they fight and win, their only have to worry about legal fees and any lost sales of the HTC One mini during the appeal timeline.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC One mini

  • Nick Gray

    One things to consider, HTC may be able to game the system since the injunction isn’t immediate. The court has given HTC a few extra days to comply with the order, potentially allowing HTC to import extra units of the HTC One mini before the December 6 deadline. If they play their cards right, the injunction against the HTC One mini could have little to no impact on retail sales of the device.