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KitKat may be coming to current Samsung flagships late January or early February

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Samsung has been rolling out Android 4.3 to various devices lately, even older and lower end devices like the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4 mini. But its two flagships are still on Android 4.3, when Motorola and Nexus users get Android 4.4 KitKat to enjoy. Jealousy is inevitable. But thanks to French carrier SFR, we have a possible timeframe for the KitKat update.

According to SFR, Samsung will be rolling out Android 4.4 KitKat to the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 sometime in late January or early February. So around that time, countries other than the US should see the update start to roll out. And of course, the US will get the update later. Hopefully it’s not much later.

This isn’t official news from Samsung, so take it with a grain of salt. For official news, we’ll have to wait for Samsung to announce something, and that might not be very soon. However, it’s nice to think that Samsung may hurry this one up. I’d like KitKat on my Note 3.

Via: SFR

Source: SamMobile

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  • ecsjjgg

    Don’t you have any ETA for the Samsung Galaxy Note II?

    • Richard Yarrell

      Note 3 with Android 4.3 straight out of the box is definitely pretty kool. 4.4 can arrive whenever I fine right now.

      Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period.

      • squiddy20

        1. Do you even know what a “reply” is? Or are your fingers so fat and grubby that you somehow managed to hit the wrong button on your overly large Note 3? For god sakes, you replied to ecsjjgg, but didn’t address his comment one bit.
        2. Says the same guy who makes such a big deal about having “the latest and greatest”, including Android versions. Hypocrite much?
        3. Seriously, how do you still misspell “cool”? If you had auto-correct enabled (which you clearly don’t) it would more than likely take care of that for you. Or do you think you’re “kooler” for having misspelled it, like one of those teen punks who think they don’t need an education to get far in life?

      • redraider133

        Well moto is, and I’ll use your own words “pimp slapping” all those samsung devices with updates. Moto x and g will have 4.4 for months when samsung finally pushes this out and who knows if Samsung will even push 4.4.2 at that time. Must burn knowing “garbage/gimmicky phones” are getting all the love and your “high end” samsung device has to wait months..

  • Terrance Cox

    I hope the update for Note 3 goes better than our s2 update. It was so bad we ended up rooting. If I did the update I would factory reset first than update.

  • GE918

    I have Kit Kat on my Google Nexus 7 (2012) and I haven’t noticed much of a change, nothing major that I can see.

    • honourbound68

      yep. My buddy who has the lg g2 keeps bugging me about it too. I’m running bean’s jellybeans on my note3 and i’m quite happy with it. having my phone always listening for “ok google” won’t make me THAT much happier lol.

      • surg3d

        I can do that right now on my stock, unrooted Note 3. The key phrase is just “hi galaxy” rather than “ok google now” but it uses the same low-power processor tech that the Moto X uses.

        I just replaced Samsung’s s-voice with google voice search using Tasker and voila! Google it. It’s actually one of my favorite features on this phone.

  • scubabum

    The Android 4.3 upgrade drains my S3 battery faster than the previous 4.1.1 version.
    I hope the Kitkat upgrade reverses this trend.

  • donger