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LG Optimus F3Q for T-Mobile shows its face and five-row QWERTY keyboard in leaked render


Looks like this weekend just got a lot better for lovers of the physical keyboard. A new image shared by @evleaks has revealed the existence of the LG Optimus F3Q, an unannounced Android device that sports a five-row landscape-sliding keyboard. Along with its hardware QWERTY, the leaked render shows that the F3Q includes 4G LTE connectivity, NFC, a custom LG user interface and a set of Android navigation buttons that appear to be of the capacitive persuasion.

The physical keyboard has become an endangered species in the smartphone world as more and more manufacturers opt instead to equip their devices with big displays that can make typing on a virtual keyboard an easier task. These bigger screens also allow for improved multimedia experiences and a thinner overall device. We do still occasionally see a handset with a hardware QWERTY make its way to shelves to satisfy the appetites of those folks that can’t give up their keyboard addiction, though, and the Optimus F3Q looks like the next device that’ll fill that role.

The spec details of the Optimus F3Q are up in the air for now, but unfortunately for fans of the ‘board that also happen to love high-end specs, the Optimus F3Q doesn’t exactly scream “bleeding edge.” Considering that and the fact that the original Optimus F3 hit T-Mobile earlier this year as a fairly entry-level device, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Optimus F3Q fit into that same category. Can’t win ‘em all, I suppose.

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  • Meister_Li

    It unfortunately looks painfully entry-device level. :/ If it was something along the lines of the Moto G or better, I’d be excited…

  • Dave Clary

    I loved the physical keyboard on the G1. I don’t think anything after that ever came close. I have a Note 2 and still have trouble typing on a virtual keyboard. I would love to have the G1 keyboard in a phone with up-to-date specs.

  • SGB101

    3 years ago this would of sold, that was the time before alot of peeps had got use to the touchscreen or didn’t like them.

    Now everyone is use to them, they may not love them, but are not likely to take a large spec/design sacrifice to get a physical board.

  • pekosROB

    Why the hell would you have the menu, home, back, change app buttons on the phone instead of onscreen when you have a friggin’ PHYSICAL KEYBOARD?

    I used to be a keyboard only guy but finally moved away from it. I would entertain the idea of going back to a physical keyboard phone if it had a great battery, great screen, and didn’t skimp on any hardware. But this doesn’t look that impressive.

  • ihatefanboys

    The physical keyboards on the G1 and G2 were the best for me. Since then ive strayed away from physical keyboards with my One S and One and ive been fine. Sad to say, but i think the time of physical keyboards on phones is at an end.

  • olen

    need highend phone with physical keyboard. not 1 available :(

  • Tangent

    My wife is seriously in love with physical keyboards and as such has been stuck with first her myTouch Slide 3G and then myTouch Slide 4G. I’ve been trying to get her more used to the virtual keyboards to open up the possibility of phones with larger screens which will be much better for her eyesight. The problem is the smaller screens on phones with physical keyboards make it hard to get used to them, which makes it tougher to make the leap to a phone without the physical one… >.<

  • Feliandro

    i hope the LG Optimus F3Q product or similiar product designed with bigger screen ideally 5″ – 7″ inch, with faster processor, larger RAM, with latest OS and absolutely with physical keyboard, with HDMI output.

  • donger

    Miss the keyboard. I think to get people back into the qwerty, there needs to be a new feel to it.