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Meizu to show off hardware at CES 2014 as part of entry into U.S. market

Meizu MX3

Meizu has launched quite a few Android-powered phones to date, but unfortunately for those of us in the U.S., we’ve yet to see the Chinese manufacturer’s hardware make its way stateside. That’ll be changing soon, because Meizu announced today that it sees the U.S. as an “untapped market” that it plans to enter next year. Meizu says that it will show off its smartphones at CES 2014 as part of its long-term plan to break into the U.S. The company didn’t share any details on the hardware that it plans to bring to the Vegas desert.

Having more options when it comes time to buy a new smartphone is always a good thing, which is why it’s exciting to learn that Meizu will be making its wares easily available to U.S. wireless shoppers next year. The company has released some impressive hardware in the past, including the MX3 with its 5.1-inch 1800×1080 display and Exynos 5 Octa processor, and hopefully it plans to bring some of that high-end goodness with it when it makes the trek stateside. It’ll also be interesting to see which carriers, if any, Meizu teams up with.

Are you excited for Meizu to make its U.S. debut?

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  • jerrbomb

    This coming year is gonna be interesting

  • redraider133

    I would love to see some of these stateside. The more options the better!

  • masterpfa

    Would love to see this in Europe, SIM unlocked off contract

  • donger

    Yes about time.

  • shawn

    کسی فارسی بلد نیست؟
    برای خرید گوشی و بیزینس کردن هستم
    کسی میخواد کار کنه ایمیل بزنه بهم
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    ممنون از شما دوستان

  • shawn