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Merlot Red, Rose Gold Black and Rose Gold White Galaxy Note 3 models announced by Samsung


Good news for phablet fans that like a little flash with their devices, as Samsung today made three new bright and blingy Galaxy Note 3 color options official. The South Korean firm has announced that the Note 3 will soon be offered in new Merlot Red, Rose Gold Black and Rose Gold White hues, which join the Blush Pink, Classic White and Jet Black models that debuted at IFA back in September.

The Merlot Red Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t stray far from the three older color options, sporting a silver band around its edge along with front and back panels that are the same red hue. The Rose Gold variants are a bit more unique in that they’ve got golden accents on their outer edges, earpieces and the Samsung logos on their backsides. The two units also include a special S Pen that’s had one end dipped in gold.

Samsung says that the Rose Gold White Note 3 will be launched in China later in December and that releases in other countries will occur “according to each market’s preference.” That’s not exactly the most detailed availability information that we’ve ever received, but considering how widely available the Galaxy Note 3 is now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung bring these new colors to several of the operators that already sell its flagship phablet.

Source: Samsung

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  • MrMrMan

    I never understand why people get excited over new phone colors.

  • GE918

    They should make all colors available at the launch of the phone.

    • redraider133

      I agree. I mean I can see why they don’t from trying to get more sales but what better way to do that then have all options available from the start?

      • John Patrick

        For a manufacturer there are a couple elements to this. The first releases are often calibration runs designed to test market response. That’s why initial releases ore often so conservative in color choices. On the first release manufacturers hope to test the response to the ‘pure device’ itself absent any buyer reactions to controversial colors. Many new products have flopped due to poor colors choices at release.
        The second element is obvious. Once the marketability of the device is confirmed, just start crankin’ them out. Buyers jump at opportunity to get a proven winner in a unique new color.
        If someone sells their Note 3 to enable them to buy say a white/rose gold unit just to get that color Samsung views that as making everybody involved happy while increasing sales..

  • frmorrison

    Additional colors are nice to have.

  • Skis03

    I am a fan of the leather look on the back. That makes it look better, rather then just new colors.