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Moto X deal is back! $150 off full price, 50% off on-contract


Motorola’s Cyber Monday deal was crazy. The website went down during the deal, so people couldn’t even take advantage of it. To make up for it, Motorola pushed the deal back a few days, but gave people two days to get a code for $150 off the full price of the device. And even then, codes were gone in 10 minutes each time.

People may just have another chance at getting a discount, but this time, you can get the discount for the on-contract price as well. Thanks to the Today Show, you can get $150 off the full price or 50% off the on-contract price of your Moto X.

Head to the Motorola site in the source links and use the code “todayshow50″ in the registration code field and fill out the rest of the form. Then Motorola should send you a code to use in Moto Maker. The code also gets you 50% off some accessories, but unfortunately doesn’t apply to the new bamboo Moto X.

Considering how fast the codes disappeared during the Cyber Monday sale, you should try to grab one as soon as possible, and purchase the Moto X as fast as you can so you won’t miss out. Good luck!

Source: Motorola, The Today Show
Via: Android Police

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  • Arthur

    The $150 off a no contract Moto X doesn’t happen to apply to the GSM Developer Edition X’s do they?

  • Mark Barlog

    Code doesn’t work. Its said its wrong.

  • donger

    Great deal.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Moto dud… Total failure

    • squiddy20

      The fact that it quickly sold out after only a few hours during previous deals proves how wrong you are. Just like you said the Nexus 4 “would never sell” despite it being sold out many many times over. Seriously, do you even think before making such ridiculous and obviously Samsung fanboy-esque comments?

    • Steam

      You’re a failure. You think you’re someone with lots of expendable cash on hand because you get a new phone every year. (They’re not expensive – maybe in the shithole you live in, but not to anyone in a first world country/neighborhood).
      Answer me this; if you are a high-roller, why don’t you get your teeth fixed? Taking a shower, trimming your scraggly beard and not wearing cheap second-hand clothes *might* help.