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Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside doing a live Hangout with MKBHD


Motorola had been quiet for a long time, releasing solid phones that really didn’t stand out all that much. Even after Google bought Motorola, there was nothing new. The company had to get everything it had developed out of the pipeline before anything new came out.

But recently, Motorola has been doing some amazing things. The Moto X is an awesome, innovative phone that is assembled in the US and can be customized and personalized using Moto Maker. This device got KitKat incredibly fast, faster than the Nexus 4 even. And the Moto G is a device that costs a measly $180 off-contract, but offers some decent mid-range specs.

If you want to know more about Motorola and what its plan is, the CEO Dennis Woodside is doing a live Hangout right now! MKBHD is hosting it and asking questions, and they are talking about Moto X, Moto G, Project Ara and more. You can rewind and watch the entire thing, or keep watching live and watch the rest later. Check it out!

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