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Motorola patents flexible watch concept, complete with flexible display

Motorola flexible watch patent

We had a good discussion about smart watches on our podcast earlier this week. We discussed the upsides and downsides of using an LCD display versus an E-Ink or Mirasol display, whether battery life was worth sacrifices, and what we want to see in the next series of smart watches. One of the more important things to come up was flexible displays.

However, what use are flexible displays when the circuitry itself isn’t flexible and will just hold the device back? Well Motorola has filed a patent for a smart watch concept that not only features a flexible display, but a flexible body made out of links. This means that the entire thing can flex as needed, forming to your wrist. And the link design means flexible circuitry isn’t necessarily needed.

It’s an interesting concept and one we hope will come to fruition soon. However, a patent says nothing about Motorola’s plans to actually build this thing. Plus, it’ll be tricky with circuitry having to be either separated and miniaturized for the links or made truly flexible. But maybe we’ll see something like this in the future!

Via: Engadget

Source: USPTO

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  • masterpfa

    One thing I think all manufacturers will need to tackle is battery life. Wearable devices need, IMO to have 1-2 days on a charge.
    The challenges for anyone entering this area are numerous. It could be the technology needed is just not yet readily available

    • Sean Riley

      That’s why I still favor the Pebble and the Toq to the Gear. The Gear will make it through a single day, but forget to charge it overnight and you might as well leave it at home for the day. Pebble gets me through a full business week and Toq can at least get you through a weekend.

  • renyo

    What if each one of those links were a battery!

    • Sean Riley

      Qualcomm put the Toq’s battery in the watch band so there’s precedent for that.

  • donger

    Good to hear Motorola working on a another smartwatch. What’s Google gonna do?