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Motorola to retry Moto X promotion following Moto Maker site issues

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Did you try to take advantage of Motorola’s $150 Moto X discount today, only to be met with site issues and disappointment? You’re not alone, friend, but I’ve got some bright news that ought to end your Cyber Monday with a smile. Motorola has announced that it will retry its Moto X offer again at 12:00 p.m. ET this Wednesday, Dec. 4, and then again on Monday, Dec. 9. The company says that it also plans to double the amount of devices available in order to meet demand.

In case you missed the original announcement, Motorola’s promo knocked $150 off the price of any no contract Moto X, including units customized through Moto Maker. Apparently the Moto Maker website wasn’t quite prepared for the rush of smartphone-hungry Cyber Monday shoppers, though, and so many folks are ending the day without a Moto X to call their own. The good news is that Motorola will be running its promo again two more times in the next week to make up for the problems, giving today’s would-be buyers second and third cracks at the sale. Here’s to hoping that the only thing on Motorola’s agenda for tomorrow is to reinforce the Moto Maker site.

Did you try to buy a discounted Moto X today? If so, were you able to get an order through?

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  • RoyalJoker

    If I didn’t already have the nexus 5 I would of gave this a few minutes thought but still ultimately passed. I’m really really hoping the next moto x or whatever they may call it has cutting edge specs and the same awesome software I so wish I had. I’m constantly saying OK Google and asking my phone stuff when people ask me weird questions or when me and my friends debate on something to prove a point. Would be nice to be lazy and not even unlock my device. But I came from the nexus 4 with a 720 display and while I had it I thought it was so awesome. When I got my nexus 5 I saw how much I was missing out when I placed them side by side. I really believe in Motorola going forward and really love how they care about software which is let’s be honest usually overlooked. But man if the next one has cutting edge specs and the software and that amazing battery life the nexus line may have lost a five year customer

    • Joel

      I hear you my friend. I figure it this way; The reason I’d pick one up now is to get my hands on some great battery life and kitkat with pretty damn smooth optimization…had the phone released with a price like that it would have already been its December..possibly one of the worst months to buy a smart phone in. The timing is my only deterrent. Can I survive another 2 months on my rooted s4? I think so..

    • kr

      I’m not sure what cutting edge specs would have done for the Moto X, that it doesn’t currently accomplish. I get that some people want them, but in even power or heavy use cases, I don’t see where it would matter with consistency. It is/was a very purpose-built device, to say the least.

      And especially with the introduction and quick adoption of Kit Kat, there is even less reason to participate in the spec wars, given the device was already doing fine on 4.2.

      As to the display resolution, I see it as a good thing that it didn’t go to 1080. I have other much higher resolution devices, and while they’re nice to look at, the battery takes a direct hit. The Moto X display looks good and addresses one of the key culprits in battery drain, so again, I’d have to favor the purpose-built device over raw specs. It’s certainly not for everyone, but I hope Moto doesn’t chase specs, and instead, continues with their direction. It gives us a break from what is currently offered by other competing OEMs.

  • StevenJM2

    Is the N5 better than the X;why? Does the X have a better camera

  • Abe504

    Well since they failed miserably yesterday, i just bought the nexus 5 instead.