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New Moto X ad brings interactive advertising to the printed page


Advertising is everywhere. In this modern era, an ad has to be truly innovative or truly bizarre to catch our attention–especially when it comes to print. But an exceptionally unique phone such as the Moto X deserves an exceptionally unique ad. That’s exactly what Google and Motorola delivered between the pages of the January 2014 issue of Wired.

Using paper thin components, including LEDs, a battery and membrane buttons, the ad retrofits the interactive capabilities of the Digital Age into a static print ad. Readers can change the color of the Moto X device with a push of a button–right there on the printed page.

The ad was created by interactive agency Digitas and will hit shelves in New York City and Chicago on Thursday. An estimated quarter of Wired‘s readers – 153,490 to be more exact — will see the ad. You can check it out for yourself in the video below.

My day job is in advertising, and personally, I think this execution is nothing short of brilliant. How about you?

Source: Mashable

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  • Nick Sarafolean

    This is just the best thing. Ever. Think I can snatch one up on Ebay?

    • Jess Blanchard

      I’m gonna call in favors from some NYC and Chicago peeps to see if I can get one.

  • Arthur

    Don’t get it, it will be in the January issue of Wired, but how much of this video is real that can be done in a 2D static magazine ad?

    • Jess Blanchard

      At 0:14 it shows how the print ad will work. You remove the strip at the bottom, which I’m assuming allows the mechanism on the membrane buttons to connect with the battery. I’m also assuming this prevents the battery from going dead before the issue is purchased. Then you press the button and the color of the phone on the page changes. It uses LEDs to do this. The breakdown of the page at 0:26 shows the interworkings of the print ad.

  • aranea

    This is the best “print” ad I’ve seen. Well done Motorola *cough* Google.

  • donger

    Pretty cool.

  • saovany

    I like you