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New wave of apps supporting Chromecast provide more ways to stream local content

Google Chromecast

It’s been a bit quiet on the Chromecast front, but it looks like Google is releasing Chromecast support for apps in waves. This time, ten apps have been updated with full Chromecast streaming support, and some even support the streaming of local content and content from servers.

The developers of Avia media player have updated their app to support Chromecast streaming of video, photos and music. This can be local content, content from a DLNA server or photos from services like Facebook, Picasa and Dropbox. It’s an awesome feature set that is now available in the paid app.

Plex developers have added the ability to stream local video, as well as video from various online sources. Music and photo streaming is not currently available, but will come soon. Unfortunately, it’s only available to PlexPass members, though it should come to everyone fairly soon. This applies to both iOS and Android.

Also updated with Chromecast support are BeyondPod, PostTV (a Washington Post app), Songza, RealPlayer Cloud, Red Bull TV, Revision3, VEVO and Viki.

With all these new apps featuring Chromecast support, the $35 streaming device just keeps getting better. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season, so you should consider picking up a few for your friends and family. What do you think of the app selection of the Chromecast? Is it quickly growing to your liking, or is it still inadequate? Leave a comment!

Source: Gigaom

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  • andy_spoo

    Still not available in the UK (as far as I know), so you can make as many apps as you like, but they’re all useless here.

    • Clark Wimberly

      It’s available here, which is pretty awesome. Can’t wait to test all these!

    • bernadettedse513

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  • neight

    I’d love to see WatchESPN and EMIT add Chromecast support. HBO Go was a huge addition.

  • jak2rocks

    I just wish I had the money for one! Being broke sucks…

    • neight

      Save your pennies. It won’t take too long to save up the $35 to get your very own Chromecast.

  • damambt

    Pretty pissed about the Plex app not streaming to Chromecast without PlexPass.

    If XBMC makes streaming to Chromecast free, I will dump Plex.

    • Greg B

      it will come to everyone in due time, Its always like that with plex. People that support the development get first dibs and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone nowadays wants everything for free and if its not then all of a sudden its a horrible product.

  • donger

    More app support, the better.

  • tina

    Why can you not stream face book to your tv