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Newest rumors say Galaxy S5 will feature iris scanner, 2560×1440 display

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The time for speculating about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 is starting, and the first rumors to come are pretty damn crazy. ZDNet Korea says that the Galaxy S5 will feature an iris scanner for security. It will scan your eye to verify your identity, taking facial recognition and fingerprint scanning just another step further.

It’s hard to imagine this kind of thing being legitimate, mostly due to the fact that it’s never been done before. However, we can’t say for certain that it’s fake. Some more believable rumors include a QHD+ display (2560×1440), a 16MP camera (with possibly no optical image stabilization) and a metal construction.

The Galaxy S5 is going to be a beast of a phone if Samsung’s past indicates anything. An iris scanner is very unlikely, and even if it happens, there is a big chance it’ll just plain suck. But who knows, Samsung may surprise us all. What are your thoughts on these rumors?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: ZDNet Korea

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  • JozyMozy

    I mean…resolution numbers like that are fun to brag about, I guess, but from a practical standpoint, who’s gonna notice that kind of pixel bump? (besides your phone’s gasping gpu/battery, that is.) “Hot damn, TouchWiz in Super qHD+++!” *throws money at carrier*

    • hhro2

      you idiot . you will definitly notice the pixle change , in small text when you read . people with bad eyes like me will notice that it is fairly easy to read small text

    • alexx

      Hey you’re right, unlike the fking willageman that called you an idiot. Were at past noticeable pixels, we still buy 1080p 70″ TVs, this hick dunno wtf he’s talking about. It’s a stupid marketing overkill not knowing which direction to “innovate” to get attention. Just like megapixels, it time to make them smarter not more numerous(pixels)that are a HUGEE bump up in battery drainage (samsung is worst for that) AND as you said the strain on cpu/gpu goes up like on Richter scale. Even on my gaming PC ita noticeable. Good to see people with some intellect on these posts.

  • SideShowBOB

    Samsung Galaxy S5 – Now with up to 10GB of bloatware.

    • alexx

      I got 2 gs3s for mom and dad cuz of sale deal, and yesss, lol, HOLLY BLOATWARE

  • dave

    1080 x 720 is just fine. I don’t even think people are going to notice the diff between. 1080 and 720. I think Samsung should put time into figuring out how to make the colors less saturated on the amoled. But that’s my opinion and I know amoled tends to be over saturated anyway but…. They’re still nice phones I just think there are different things they can put time into than 2560×1440 resolution that I think is overkill but some people will like it I guess. I love my s4 and note 3… Just needs less bloat . I think more people would also buy Samsung if all their phone were tw free not just the Google/ dev editions.

    • yomama

      Just get the Google Play edition S4.

  • Michae Gillin

    For the mere price of luxury car payment you can have uh, wait a second, ok – a phone

  • PaulieG

    The problem with nearly all biometric scanners is their ability to verify a token is from a living breathing human who truly owns that token. Apple’s finger print scanner was defeated in a week using this fundamental flaw. That said, at least an iris image is harder to obtain from the owner than a finger print which we happily leave lying around thousands of copies every day!!!

    • Joshua

      Oh, for a minute there I thought you were cutting off people’s fingers while you stole their phone. Glad you clarified it in the end!


    No one believes that about the iris scanner.

  • Blaze

    720p its enough, ok standard is 1080p now but we dont need more than that, seriously. Thats why iPhones with crap hardware beats this phones on benchmarks, they use very low resolution image (less than HD) wich makes it more fluent and less power needed to handle, so 720p should be enough. That is why iPhones with crap hardware beats this phones on benchmarks, they use very low resolution image (less than HD) wich makes it more fluent and less power needed to hamdle, so 720p should be the optimal rsolution like the Moto X did, seriously you wont notice the difference on a 5″ screen. I dont like the camera bumping on MP for pictures to be seen on a PC, tablet or phone screen, we dont need huge 10MB size per picture with high resolution we will mostly never zoom in to watch, that is why the 4 Ultrapixels, better image quality on the HTC One is a sooo smart and real solution. We need better battery, less bloat consuming storage, less bloat consuming RAM, better external design (enough of cheap plastic).

    A galaxy 1-4 owner.

    • Blaze

      Lol sorry for the weird writing, I messed up with the cut/copy/paste so we need a better typing system too xD

    • redraider133

      Well the iPhone doesn’t really have “crap hardware” the chips they use in their devices are always up their when released since they are custom chips, even with only being dual core, when android and WP is using quad and octal-core chips.

  • JQuest81

    That resolution… I feel like if it’s not on a 10″ or larger tablet, it’s not even worth it. I suppose we can kiss our battery life goodbye. As far as the retinal scanning. That’s so crazy, yet so inside of the realm of something Samsung would attempt to do just to say they did it. Their eye tracking software needs to be refined before they tack on something that would surly be half-baked.

    More than anything (even a design refresh) they need to overhaul TouchWiz and de-bloat it. That would go a long way in my eyes.

  • Alex J

    Does this thing come with he new Samsung “It’s ON” battery belt with 8 megapixel stereo camera, to capture all of those from the hip moments?


    Don’t get me wrong, it all sounds cool, but let’s be realistic here Samsung will innovate it, HTC will copy it, but with lower specs and it will work, then Microsoft will sue for some patent violation, apple will release a competing product in the iPhone Mark 9 and windows phone Will integrate the features in to the xbox Two.

    Have I missed anything?

  • redraider133

    I hope they refine touchwiz also. There is no reason it should slow down hardware that they stick in devices. I love everything about their devices but touchwiz has gotten far too bloated. Many of the features are nice, but code them better so that it runs more smoothly on their devices. Plus the metal is not necessary. Honestly people like to complain, but if they refine touchwiz and enhance everything else, while removing the glossy finish on their plastic, people wouldn’t really complain.

  • SGB101

    It just shows how ridiculous the specs are when we tech junkies start not seeing the point. This is where normal people was 2 years ago.

    My with upgraded from a sgs1 to 3, and I was excited to see her reaction, she honestly wasn’t bothered, and didn’t see any difference, and what the hype was about.

    To here a phone is a phone, be it Samsung, Apple, HTC, ZTE….. I think that is what most think, them they get drawn in by familiarity. Then they fall in to iso, touch wiz, sense, blur, LG.

  • bart

    LOL. Next thing you know, they’ll be installing breath-o-lizers — automatically calling your “ICE” contact if you’re drunk.

  • Lane

    I dunno…I hope not on the Iris scan. Its a bit gimmicky and will realistically not be used. A well implemented finger scanner (think touch ID style) and a nice metal case and higher resolution all make sense and whatever the CPU of the year is sure, but iris scanner will look ridiculous holding your phone to your face to unlock it. Way to gimmicky and while it sounds cool probably won’t be a feature used much to be quite “frank” about it. Focus on a design that rocks a 5.5″ or so but in an aluminum shell (HTC one or iPhone 5S style) and the usual Samsung features and we’ll have a decent S5 for sure. And PLEASE release a more customizable touch whiz experience using features from Apex or Nova built in and I’m sold.

  • donger

    Show us the phone already.

  • thabang

    samsung must make a friend phone. phone that you can talk to and it advice you

  • Renato S.

    can it scan in the dark?