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Oppo continues teasing Find 7, confirms 2K display


Now that the Oppo N1 has been unleashed into the market, attention has turned to Oppo’s next major smartphone release, the Find 7. Oppo began teasing the Find 7 last week, and tonight the company continued dropping hints about the follow-up to the Find 5 with another image that’s been posted to social networks.

Over on its Google+ page, Oppo says that the “Find 5 was the world’s first smartphone with a 5” 1080p display. The Find 7 is taking this one step further. #AlwaysImprove #Find7.” Accompanying that line is an image with the Find 5 and its 1080p display along with the words “Find 7″ and “2K Display.”

Although this isn’t the first time that Oppo has teased the Find 7, the image posted tonight has revealed one of the first solid pieces of evidence of the upcoming handset’s feature list. Smartphones with 1080p displays have become the norm over the past year, and so it’s not exactly a surprise to learn that a company is planning to step the spec race up with an even higher-res display. There’s no word  on when the remainder of the Find 7′s specs will be revealed or when the phone will actually launch, but when you remember the Find 5′s fairly high-end feature set as well as Oppo’s new “#AlwaysImprove” motto, I’m sure that the Find 7′s 2K Display won’t be the only high-end part that makes the cut.

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  • YMS123

    So the Find 7 is a tablet? A high end small tablet would be competing with the Nexus 7 and the Lg tablet, this could get interesting…

    • Cebastian

      Oppo have confirmed it is not a 7″ tablet, nor will it be a 5,7″ phone. We’ll see when it comes, but it’s a phone.

  • donger


  • JVP

    Who the hell needs 2K on a phone or even 1080p for that matter. I dont. Tell me why you need it. I’m really curious to know.

  • Mug

    Thank you man

  • yankeesusa

    It is true. You really don’t need 1080p on a phone. But the reason is not that you don’t need it, the reason is it is not noticeable in difference. On my xperia z i have 1080p and on my note 2 I have 720p and I like the pictures on my note 2 better. It all depends on the phone manufacturer and technology. On the nexus 5 its different. I actually like that one better. In the end if your paying extra for a better screen it is not worth the extra cost or diminished battery life.

  • masterpfa

    Without LTE I personally won’t be interested, neither do I need a 2K screen, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what one looks like.
    Awaiting the other features to be revealed

  • Cloud36426

    Couldn’t the Find 7 be a tablet? I mean the Find 5 is a 5″ phone right?

  • Renato S.

    Yeah, because 2K is SO different from full HD…