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Oppo posts N1 CyanogenMod ROM and install instructions


Have you ordered an Oppo N1 as a nice holiday gift to yourself? If so, you may want to mosey on over to Oppo’s official support forums, because the device maker has posted the official CyanogenMod 10.2 ROM for its flagship smartphone. The download weighs in at 389MB in size.

Oppo has also posted a set of instructions that explain how to get CyanogenMod up and running on the N1, and just as it promised when it first introduced the handset, the process is fairly simple. Users only need to load the ROM onto the N1′s SD card, run the System Update app inside the Tools folder, select “Local update” and then install the ROM from the SD card. In order to return to Oppo’s custom ColorOS user interface, N1 owners simply follow the same steps but use the ColorOS firmware rather than CyanogenMod.

The CyanogenMod ROM for the N1 was created especially for Oppo’s device, and so as a result, it includes support for many of the device’s unique features. For example, it can be used with the N1′s rear O-Touch Panel and its rotating 13-megapixel. CyanogenMod for the N1 also features some of the special goodies from Oppo’s ColorOS, like double-tap to wake.

The N1′s CyanogenMod ROM may have arrived a couple of weeks after the phone itself, but the good news is that it’s finally here and that it’s just as easy to install as Oppo said it would be. The fact that it includes support for the N1′s special hardware and software features is a nice touch, and Oppo says that the CyanogenMod team will be responsible for keeping the ROM updated, so N1 owners that prefer it over ColorOS can run CyanogenMod without missing out on special features or updates. If you’re rocking an N1 and want to check out CyanogenMod for yourself, hit up the link below and get to downloading!

Source: OppoForums

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