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Photos show new Nexus 5 unit with tweaked speaker holes, buttons


Remember that time that LG and Google began shipping Nexus 4 units that were slightly redesigned? The tweaks were made months after the Nexus 4 originally began shipping and included small nubs at the bottom of the N4′s back to help raise its speaker off the ground as well as a slightly shrunken camera housing. Fast-forward to today and it looks like LG and Google are making some alterations to the Nexus 5 as well, but this time they’re doing so much closer to the N5′s launch.

Photos posted to xda-developers show a newer Nexus 5 unit stacked on top of an older model, and with both units resting so close to one another, it becomes clear that there are a couple of small differences between the two. The most noticeable change is at the bottom of the Nexus 5, where LG appears to have begun using larger speaker grille holes. Meanwhile, the sides of the newer N5 are said to be home to updated power and volume buttons that are stiffer than the ones found on the older unit.

There’s been no official announcement from LG or Google regarding these Nexus 5 tweaks, so it’s not clear exactly when they began rolling out. I’m sure that there will be some early N5 adopters that’ll be upset about these tweaks, and while the opinion on whether or not they’re big enough changes to warrant getting an exchange will vary from person to person, it is good to see the two companies listening to early user feedback and improving the design of the newest Nexus.

Via: Engadget

Source: xda-developers

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  • Kataskevi eshop

    It is not so big deal.

  • rashad360

    I wonder just how early on Google knew about these imperfections

    • cestaimee

      I’m curious about this as well; if they sold their original stock in spite of these changes, in particular.

    • Tangent

      I doubt Google would consider these changes to be to correct “imperfections”. I don’t know if the power and volume buttons have been known to wear out and this fixes it, but these just seem to be minor tweaks that many products get over their lifetime as they start getting feedback from customers… “Great phone, but the speakers could be a bit louder” “No problems, but I’m accidentally changing the volume when I hold the phone”

  • Kizipotamus

    I got a replacement Nexus yesterday and immediately noticed the speakers were much louder. I’m quite pleased.

    • Kevin

      How did u get your replacement I’m quite curious

    • tetracycloide

      Does the new one have 4.4.2 because that update also improved speaker volume. I’m interested in seeing a side by side of both versions running that latest update to see how much of a difference that hole changes really make.

    • Steven

      When you did the exchange on your phone how long was it since you got your original one?

      Thank you

    • Kimbo

      I had heard that the speakers on the N5 weren’t so great, but was pleasantly surprised to hear that the speakers on my unit are nice and loud. I must have received a new one.

    • Carlos

      How did you get the replacement?

    • Otobong Emah

      Hi, please what site did you get the new nexus 5?

  • uknowme

    I think mine might be from that redesigned batch. I’ve had no troubles with it.

  • Allen

    WTF? I JUST got my new Nexus 5 in the mail from GOOGLE PLAY STORE last night. How do I go about getting the NEWER design now???

    • War_Clown

      You have the redesigned Nexus 5, I got mine Dec 3rd, and it had larger holes and tighter buttons compared to my brother’s who got his at launch.

      • Allen

        IDK, the holes kinda look similar to the old design picture. but the buttons are very tight so idk?!?!

  • GizmoSF

    Larger holes and stiffer button’s it’s not like “antennagate”of the iPhone 4 era. That deal was corrected by a software tweak and a cover that most people put on their phones anyways. I already put a cover on my Nexus 5 and to me the volume deal is overblown.

    • osazeone

      Thank you. The volume issue is overblown. Maybe there are units that have volume issues, but this problem is a software problem. With the upgrade to KitKat 4.4.2 and volume mods tweeks the volume has improved 90%…..

  • RJ

    Its the Verizon version……..then I woke up!

  • Bigs

    Meh… Overhyped issues IMO.. I love my N5… I think the speaker is loud enough, to the point that i never use the volume at full power… People just like to nit pick and complain on the small things…

  • donger

    White Nexus 5!

  • Mark burley

    Look this is a nexus download a good eq and boost the bass a little problem sorted and that was before 4.2.2 update stop whining or go back to the over hyped bloated over priced alternatives.

  • HN

    Does nexus 5 comes with the warranty because i got N5 in white and its screen gone all black.No response at all.
    Can anyone help???

  • Mathew

    I got my nexus 5 and its speaker is not loud enough. So returned it with a replacement order. But new phone also have the same problem. So returning the new one also.

    • Jeremie

      Just update it! Sound is a software problem, not a hardware one.