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Prepaid Verizon Moto G seen for only $100 at Best Buy

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The Moto G is not only an amazing device for the price, it’s a damn good device in general. And at only $180 off contract, it’s incredibly cheap and even undercuts many on contract devices. The best application for such a device in the United States is the prepaid market, and Verizon has said that it will carry the device.

Verizon Moto G Best Buy

Someone has already spotted the device at a Best Buy in retail packaging, anti-theft puck and everything. But amazingly enough, Verizon has subsidized this device quite a bit. It is going for only $99.99 off contract, making this device easily available to almost anyone. Plus, you won’t get a terrible experience with it like other cheap phones would provide.

According to an internal document, Best Buy isn’t supposed to start selling the Verizon Moto G until January 9th, so you most likely won’t see in at your local store. Hopefully the price will remain the same when it starts selling, because such a low price is quite amazing. We know quite a few people have already purchased a Moto G, so tell us, how are you liking it? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police, Droid-Life

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  • Eli Gaffke

    I’m confused I thought the G was a gsm only and no Verizon? If I get this can I use it on T-Mobile?

    • Gowel

      No, this is very clearly the Verizon version of the Moto G.

    • Dima Aryeh

      The Moto G is currently only available in a GSM version, but this is specifically a CDMA Verizon version sold by Verizon. It will not work on T-Mobile.

  • AChackes

    Unactivated, this is a great iPod touch alternative for the kids!

    • Dima Aryeh

      Absolutely. Hopefully it can be used before it’s activated. Maybe Verizon blocks use before activation because it subsidized the device? It WOULD be understandable.

      • AChackes

        I’ve never heard of that, do other carriers do that?

        • Dima Aryeh

          Generally, no. You’ve already signed a contract, so you’re paying. But prepaid carriers might. I don’t really know, but I can’t imagine Verizon selling this device for half price without some sort of way to guarantee you paying for service. Or else people would buy a $100 Moto G as an iPod Touch and Verizon would be losing big money.

      • Eli Gaffke

        Many of the pre-paid companies won’t unlock until after a few months.

    • Mauro Monreal

      Until they start calling 911 because it’s funny. Bigger kids won’t do that, little ones might. All phones can call 911 in the USA

  • Noah

    It’s awesome! Only problem, now I’d wish I had waited. I use it like an iPod on Wi-Fi only. So I may return it if this deal turns out to be real.

  • Ari

    Will this phone work on other prepaid “carriers’ that use the Verizon network, such as Pageplus?

    • redraider133

      It should be able to work on any prepaid network that uses Verizon service. I guess someone will have to buy one and test it out first

  • donger

    Go Motorola.

  • Greg

    Hey, just a quick question! I currently live in a developing country, if I ask my girlfriend to pick this up for me would it be able to work abroad?

    • James

      This phone is locked into Verizon, so no, not unless some unofficial unlock is available. But even then, most of the world uses a mobile technology called GSM, while Verizon uses a completely incompatible technology called CDMA. There is an unlocked GSM version of the Moto G available directly from Motorola for $179, though.

  • brian

    This phone cannot be used as a wifi device. You will be prompted to activate it with a plan and be prompted for a payment method. This is confirmed with a verizon go phone $100. As soon as you boot it you get a language option. Then emergency call or activate options. Thats it.

  • chiquita

    Can I activate this phone with straight talk wireless?

    • strawberry

      straight talk has this phone for them saw it on their website it was 160 no hassles