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Prescription Google Glass unit shown in new photos, Explorers receive invitations to swap for updated model


Google has confirmed that it plans to offer Glass hardware that will be compatible with prescription eyeglasses, and tonight we’ve gotten an early peek at what the device might look like. Google employee Brian Matiash has posted a couple of photos of the prescription Glass unit to his Google+ page, showing a unit with a slot in which the arm of the eyeglasses slide right into. Outside of that small change, this pair of Glass looks fairly similar to the regular model that we’ve seen in the past, complete with a heads-up display in front of the right eye.

It’s unclear if this version of prescription Google Glass will be the same model that’s made available to consumers or if it’s still in development, but the unit shown in these photos looks pretty nice. The arm of the eyeglasses appear to slot snugly into the body of Glass and it appears that Google is working to make the prescription-friendly Glass as similar as possible to the non-prescription version.

In other Glass news, Google has started inviting early Explorers to swap out their original hardware for the updated model that was announced in late October. The offer allows Explorers that bought Glass before Oct. 28 to exchange their unit for a newer version that Google says has the same look and feel but is faster, more durable and compatible with upcoming prescription frames. Explorers will have until Feb. 5 to decide if they want to swap for an updated model, and if they do elect to exchange, they’ll be given the opportunity to select a new color as well.


Via: Phandroid (1), (2)
Source: +BrianMatiash, Google Support

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  • vivek201

    I want this Glass so badly…

  • awundrin

    As a prescription eyeglass wearer, this makes me happy! I would love to try these out!

  • yoaj

    A ‘clip-on’ version would bring Glass to a much bigger audience. Maybe they don’t want that?

    Whatever, this is still nerd-tastic.

  • Sean Riley

    What color should I get this time though? Shale? Tangerine? Cotton? Ah the horribly difficult decisions for a Glass Explorer! ;)

  • Devastatingwake

    Damn, im so tempted to buy glass now. i have the invite, i just need the $1500

  • smeghead68

    I’d love to try these out just to see what the experience is like.

  • donger

    So cool.