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Pyle ventures into connected health with Bluetooth Fitness Scale, available today for $59.99


We’ve seen connected scales rising in popularity over the last few years as people increasingly look to quantify their diet and exercise. The less resistance in tracking that information the more likely you are to continue with it. And a scale that wirelessly passes your information to your devices streamlines the process quite a bit.

In the past that has come at a pretty high cost. Options from Withings and Fitbit run between $100-$150. Pyle, typically known for their audio products, is getting into the connected scale business just in time for those New Year’s resolutions to hit with their aptly named Bluetooth Fitness Scale. This is the first device in a new “Pyle Health” line.

The scale is available today and comes in well below the competition at $59.99. It features a tempered glass surface on top and will be available in black, grey, green, pink or orange. The large LCD display on the front displays the pertinent information along with the current user profile (up to 10 individuals can store their data on the scale). It runs on four AAA batteries and can weigh accurately from 4.4 pounds up to 330.7 pounds.

The scale also has a corresponding free Android app (compatible with Android 4.3 and up) for tracking your data including weight, body fat, hydration, muscle and bone levels. The app will allow you to share the data via Facebook and/or Twitter if you are using your social networks to help keep you honest. Or you can password protect it on your device if you would rather people mind their own business about your fitness habits, thank you very much.

If you’ve been looking to integrate some new tech into your diet plan the Pyle Bluetooth Fitness Scale might be a nice and relatively inexpensive way to make that happen.

Source: Pyle Audio

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